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Forum Post: Solidarity, OWS Pshycology, Not Working, Fathers, Sons, Community Support, Being Open, Allowing Opinion and Discussion

Posted 5 years ago on Dec. 3, 2012, 10:36 a.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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I might be the biggest basket case in OWS. Even though I drink too much I want to make some points.

1) The Mushroom Treatment of Employees: This is where your employees are kept in the dark and fed crap. Managment and the inside guys know what is going on, but everyone else thinks the organization is crap. Actually the organization benefits from women, blacks, and low level whites from understanding their organization.

2) Your Job is Just This: We are putting you in your Place. This is where you work for production only, either reports, paper work, or in a lower level of office work. The Experts are on the scene and your advice is not needed even if it is a systems related modification. Actually the organization benefits from input from the user of the system.

3) You have never done Crap: This is an obvious cognitive error. Perhaps this is more of a Leadership Tool to destroy your ego ... or at least lower your confidence... so that that you are ready to learn. My problem is that in 30 years I never was told I was a master or apprentice. I was told I was crap and never told different.

4) Trap. You are entry level or told you are entry level. You will never be regarded as an expert. You may be asked your opinion and asked to participate in system changes and documentation. But the fact is there are so called officers, executives, managers from outside, and good hires that have many experiences you will never have. (So I call that a Trap, you can never be equal to an officer or expert)

It is all about Patriarchy. Here are my Concusions:

A) I am thinking of living and working (if maybe) in another country. I have many countries to look at below. What advise can you give to me as a father or mother .... to a man of 50, who has been a drinker, who has never been married, never had kids, never felt confident with women, never measured up to the expectation .... that I be an Engineer, Manager In the Government, Teach in a University, Do University Research, be a governor or a President of the USA, or write very nice prose and get published by a major firm...

B) Fathers have a perspective for their kids. My father is very authoritarian. But I am very sensitive. I think this is very common.

I am told that "You can never get your father's approval".

This is modern thinking. It makes sense. I am not my father. I can never fully live up to the thoughts or standards in my father's mind.

My fathers word rings true for the time ... I grew up in a time of Drugs and sex. Unfortunately, I missed out on the understanding of women.

C) I say the hell with the past. I KNOW I HAVE TO FIND MY HEART. I know even if rejected by OWS or whatever Ideological group ... the search in life is ... For My Heart and For Love.

And I have always listened to talk and history about workers.

D) The Heart is dead if it does not listen and talk about the US workers.

The worker is international, but the family is local. We can not think of our own family happiness ... without thinking about the happiness of our neighbors, and the people just beyond our borders. Maybe this is called solidarity. But it is just people caring about people.

E) Solidarity is just community and trying to take care of our people. Solidarity is about workers rights: the right to have an affordable house, the right to have an affordable life, some vacations, some time on the lake or water, some time out of state, and some time taking care of personal business.

F) Hell not working is a hell of a thing. This US Culture is the most productive in the world. So to be out of work or decide not to work is to be a target ...if not a victim. If you grow a beard (guys only), then there is something wrong with you by country standards.

G) Think it is okay to have a beard & to have no Job. Turns out that people that are idle rich have made many contributions to science...The people that have a pension actually do science on their free time ... they are valuable members of the USA or England or Europe or whatever.

H) Don't judge your fellow man for hangovers or unemployment.



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[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

I would love to write for hollywood, but I think I am afraid of trying. I think I could write for all the crazy comedy stuff on TV or even movies. Like SNL or the movie Hang Over...

I am always settleing ... like I would settle for some part in a movie in Thailand instead of trying for the Hollywood or New York stuff.

Guess I just opened up a box.