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Forum Post: Social Risk, Social Trends, Networking, Military service, Verterans Day, Golden Age of Africa,

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 11, 2012, 5:02 a.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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First, Support Veterans this Veterans Day. Surely, if you join the Military you deserve to have community support and recogniztion that you didn't know what you would get into.

To Begin: Perhaps it is all about people. We don't know why we agree to live with many things in our lives. Don't take this literally, but it is a kind of contract between ourselves and the government.

A) our military is expected to kill, handle dangerous chemicals like Agent Organge, Depleted Uranium, take unknown immunizations or shots (Hepititus, Syphillis), and follow orders to kill when the result is death, disease, refugees, loss of family integrity.

B) Do we believe we would never harm countries that just disagree with us. We state that we will use force to keep waterways open for oil deliveries and probably other material. Is it strange that we defend interests in the Middle East, but don't act to halt geneicide unless we have strategic alliances or a pertroleum interest. In the 19th Century we used military force to defend corporate agriculture interest...

C) Libya under the former leader, offered free education, free housing, free health care, and ...perhaps made a mistake in deciding to trade it's petroleum in Gold Dinars instead of the US Dollar.

D) Funny how big Banking, BIS, WTO, IMF, and all central bankers seem to be making a bigger organzational empire. Libya being a new convert..only after they fell to outside forces and ...foriegn arms and weapons from well out of the region.

E) High School Text Books. Wow. Public Education. Wow. I guess as kids we can't learn that fast in 40 minutes of teaching time. But the Text Books are the Real Teacher for the Student. End of Story: We get Crap for History. Obviously someone is controlling the History Books. Because they don't say much.

F) Patriarchy is the System of the USA. So we can Blame Patriarchy for the Sanitized Text Books and Sanatized Public Education.

G) Since Patriarchy is a Failure. Should we refuse to do activities with our parents as a Statement. Should we Stand up to our Parents and say "You did not protect the country", and "You did not protect Text Books"?

H) Should we Disband the Department of Education based on Failures of Public Education? $43 Billion Spent on Secondary Education in 2011. This is double from 2004, and 200% increase from 1998.

I) How do we know True History. History is controlled by Compartmentalization. Military control of info is the Rule. National defense is stated now as the justification for Classifying everything. JFK was Murdered in 1963 (50 Years later, people). Still Classified. CIA was born in World War II. Pretty Clear many things happened in World War II that established procedures to classify history and compartmentalize it. We may not really know the obsessive secretism and control applied by the US Government to our US History ...and our weapons of mass destruction ...and what we have done to shape history, get into wars, start wars, and fight wars.

J) From the people that I have met who were in the military ... for us to think the US is innocent, fair, non-agressive, a good guy, or an international good guy, and we don't want to take over islands, and ...we don't want to interefer with democracy in other countries .... Well that is totally false. You send in the military you are sending in a Blunt Object ...not a sharp instrument.

K) We need to Realize ...that our agressive nation ...sends in military people and is more than blunt, clumsy, ham handed, or obtuse .... US leaders know they are sending in an agressive force. We just don't know the motivation or the Thinking behind our US leaders when they send in our Military.

L) It seem that the Middle East is a US Resource. If Saddam Hussain or Qadaffi want to trade in Gold Dinars or some other money ... that threatens our banks and corporations. He who controls the money and finances ... Is going to win.

M) So Who is Defending the US Citizen? Libor Rate setting increased your mortgage. Most of us probably remember paying 22% on credit card Interest. Got a high Interest Rate on Education Loan. Banks create money out of thin air. They have permission to do that. Does it make sense that the Government pays interest rates to banks on money that was created our of thin air...

N) Integrity in Investing and In America. Pretty much tied together, right. If Ratings Agencies don't rate corporations based on risk, high administrative costs, high executive compensation packages, derivatives, off balance sheet transactions, use of shell companies, use of off shore headqaurters, then ... what the hell. We had scandal in US Charities in 1970s-80s due to high admin cost. Then we had the 2008 Financial Crisis. What the hell are they waiting for???? Oh, ...they are paid by the companies they rate.

O) William K. Black is a professor of economics and Law, but also a former regulator who aiding in prosecutions of 3000 bankers in 1990s. He will explain the fix is in.

P) Matt Taibbi... jee just read anything by him. You have to believe some of what he says if not all of what he says. He is good.

Q) Corrupted Patriarchs have taken control. But it might have been at least 100 years ago ...further even than the Banana Wars. Look up Smedley Butler and the Banana Wars.

R) We don't know how much of our Truth has been corrupted by Corrupted Patriarchs, Military Historians, and the Lies to cover up what happened in the WW II and the early CIA actions.

S) Not Covinced? Look at the History of Corporations & Charters, Look at Labor massacres, look at Indian Massacres,

Many risks to control by Money Interests. Citizens taking back control through community activities are the way to go. Might put us out of our comfort zones. Some of us have reservations about joining groups and some will not want some others around the group.

1) Internet, much more info available than in the Library. One man could never organize or learn info from books.

2) Networking and Leveraging the E-Info, the info available in Electronic Form.

3) Defense and Government Compartmentalization of Info - Keeps us in the Dark. But this is threatened by the Internet, free-net, and E-Info.

4) Patriarchy works through limiting information and financial resources. The Internet and E-Info threatens Patriarch ... or any emergent Matriarchy.

5) Having Info doesn't make you safer, more equal, or even more knowledgable ...without networks, communities, cloisters, brotherhoods, organized religion, political affiliations, associations, membership in universities, memberships in think tanks, or ...being part of a US Lobby. Probably missed a few here.

6) Future US or Global Activists ...Leaders... will have to be connected to some Network to learn interactively, and leverage the power of the larger group.

7) There may be some Networks that are infiltrated to follow some Patriarical Ideal or just to waste everyone's time.

8) How do we deal with People we don't want in our Group. Very little is secret, but the rumor 20 years ago was that agents would join groups to expose protests or act as agents provocateurs.

Some use of US Military used to suppress and kill Union Strikers:
1847? Viaduct Massacre 30 killed and 100 wounded in Chicago
1863 New York Draft Riots 150-2,000 killed (rich could buyout of the Draft or find a substitute so as not to go to 'Civil War')
1877 Great Strike more than 100 killed
1886 Bay View Massacre 7 people killed by National Guard 1894 Pullman Strike 34 killed
1914 Ludlow Massacre 19-25 Killed by National Guard

Other Mining or Striking Violence:
1886 Rock Springs Massacre/Riot miners kill 28 Chinese miners
1887 Thibodaux Massacre 5 killed by militia in Louisiana
1927 Columbine Mine massacre 6 killed by machine guns 1922 Herrin Massacre 23 killed (strikebreakers, union workers, guards)
1857 Mountain Meadows massacre 120 killed by militia
1886 Haymarket massacre or Haymarket riot 8 police killed
1897 Lattimer massacre 19 miners killed
1916 Everett Massacre also known as Bloody Sunday 7 killed (deputies, vigilantes, and IWW members) 1920 Battle of Matewan also known as Matewan Massacre 11 killed (7 were private detectives)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haymarket_affair (Anarchist killed police and likely started riot in Chicago
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Empire#Plantations_of_Ireland http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Country_men




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[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 6 years ago

I guess the point is that "we don't know what we don't know". The government and ...private media seem to be in a hot and heavy relationship. That would be fine by itself. But we have Ethicentric History that teaches us that the federal government is a ...."Bunch of nice guys that are always doing good stuff".

Obviously I am refering to James Loewen's Book "Lies my Teacher Told Me". see notes on rag page or another page on internet some good summaries...

The fact is that Activist are responsible for all the progressive Laws in the USA. And they are repsonsible for the end of Viet Nam, Union Rights, Labor RIghts, and Safety Rules.

Congress and Corporations are incapable of Patriotic Action. But Congress will act when forced to do so.