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Forum Post: Social Credit a possibility?

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 6, 2012, 9:31 p.m. EST by EtinEckwack (40)
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Hey there, I am new to this site, even though I was following it when it was 200-300 people. I am upset to see that the movement has been rather unreported in the media recently (the one in my town just became nonexistent, I haven't investigated why).
Nonetheless, my point here was to pose a question to you all. I came upon an economic theory called Social Credit. It seems to be, in my mind, a rather good economic (and political) theory, that far exceeds what we currently have, in that what is produced actually gets consumed. Have you ever wondered why, even though people starve worldwide, there is far more than enough food for everyone to be fat on, and farmers are paid to destroy their crops, even? It could be a (likely innocent) error in the way our economy is set up. http://social-credit.blogspot.com/ My purpose is to well... plug this theory I guess. I really would like you all to say what you think of it, it's a very interesting theory that I personally support.



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[-] 1 points by kingscrossection (1203) 12 years ago

So I checked out the wikipedia site as well and when it was speaking of land, labor, capital, and something extra it was referring to human capital right? Or was it the ability of people to make decisions with their capital? I'm actually a little confused but I like what I'm hearing.


[-] 0 points by EtinEckwack (40) 12 years ago

I know it might be thick reading, but it's rather interesting.

[-] 0 points by kingscrossection (1203) 12 years ago

That sir is a lot of reading

[-] 1 points by EtinEckwack (40) 12 years ago

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Credit Try the wikipedia page. It could be a bit better. In the end I believe it's worth it. I'll try to sum it up if you wish me to.

[-] 1 points by Rico (3027) 12 years ago

Awesome! I'm resonating with this. See my post at http://occupywallst.org/forum/the-rise-of-the-machines/ and particularly my comment at http://occupywallst.org/forum/the-rise-of-the-machines/#comment-505338 .

I've bookmarked the blog site and will be researching the ideas of C. H. Douglas further as I have time. Thanks for turning me on to this !

[-] 1 points by kingscrossection (1203) 12 years ago

No you don't have to do that. No offense but I don't like other peoples filters

[-] 1 points by EtinEckwack (40) 12 years ago

That's alright, actually that's better; less work for me, more understanding for you.