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Forum Post: Slide Rules--Jedi Knights' Lightsaber Emulators

Posted 2 years ago on March 5, 2020, 7:13 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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Before there were handheld electronic calculators/computers, there were the slide rules which helped guide and operate the Apollo moonshots, and design the SR-71, Blackbird.

A slide rule from my Big Brother's former schoolmate was like a calling card from an advanced civilization to me, as a young child in the 1960s. Here are some images from "the Cold War" to the [originally imagined] Space Shuttle and International Space Station and what was seen recently from up there towards the Earth, and a live stream. The Cold War nurtured the microelectronics industry and spawned the Arpanet (later Darpanet) which at the war's end was freed up to become the internet amongst Type-1 (planetary global) civilization's trappings.

Are we going to find out why Saturn wears a hexagonal cap on one of its poles? Did extraterrestrial aliens make a calling card for the curious ones?



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Historical records of the twentieth century show:

Lighting from city-block electricity, in Manhattan

Discovering matter wave, in Manhattan

Starting the rush for achieving critical mass to make the bomb, in Manhattan

Demonstrating transistor, in Manhattan

Radio City "The Rockettes," to kick it off, in Manhattan.

"The extraterrestrial aliens" might have had a riverside cottage after all, { near our Cloaca Maxima, i.e. the East River with the treatment plants, } on the glitzy Manhattan Island, one of, if not, the most connected places in the world.

The so-called "Communist" crabs can still be caught on the downstream shore of Coney Island, near the Brighton-Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn. I love Mom's ¿Russian? root soup { potatoes, tomatoes, salted mustard green, and kidney beans } but a CCP-crab-flavored one probably tastes even better. Win, Win, Win for Liberty !

In Corona whose dominion now includes Manhattan, anyone who wants to live must wear a facial mask properly to express solidarity with the Hongkongers. Damn the despotic facial recognition which the Capitalists used for oppression--it's obviously anti-Islamic ! The Prophet's face wasn't showing in all of the images which I had seen and I saw facial coverings alright.

Antarctica is the only continent which is still free of COVID-19. All who want to learn from the Emperor penguins should visit the Homo sapiens sapiens reservation soon. My Mom even boiled Coca-Cola(R) before poaching eggs in it to serve to guests--what a waste of those carbon-dioxide bubbles. I had always felt that my family was culturally peculiar but with cholera having struck near our home, I prefer to have kookiness (this preschooler drank the clear liquid from a scotch whiskey glass bottle--it's not vodka; it's cooled boiled voda for leaving behind the shantytown in "the East") better than illness.

"We've got to go." "I'll carry you through this." "Look. What's that?" "It tastes lovely." "It tastes like meat." Eating in Faith per the Book of Romans, all meat is grass. Whom was God talking to and betting with in the Book of Job? It's a soap opera there. Soap molecules have both a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic end. ( Silicon is neither a good conductor as copper is nor a good insulator like glass but why do we sometimes willingly pay far more than { "the shit/mierda of the gods" } gold weightwise for its exquisitely doped version? ) Soap and water got me clean after my doing anthropological research in a neighborhood garbage dump.

Everyone should start keeping a log of the times, places they've visited, and the people they've interacted with for contact-tracing purpose should COVID-19 (a.k.a. the CCP's "not-China-originated-Virus-Disease-2019") strike close by. Was it actually the "Gesundheit tactic" of the "golden-boy" h=o=t=e=l=i=e=r buttplug? Love being pensed!!! Erection has Con sequences.

The "golden boy" buttplug's attempt to look good on tissue paper will likely create higher death rate for the U.S. than Germany, probably more like Red Fuckgina's which did the same shit and is still applying cosmetics (does French toilette perfume help?) to cover up its stink and its shit.

Here's what I had wished the "golden-boy" buttplug could have learnt from the trip to the s--thole ( its s--ttiness being at least partially the result of "mad-dog" Colonialism which exported the very unsanitary handshake in order to prove that one's not holding a weapon has taken hold of much of the world by means of the belligerent-cultured colonizing Europeans--yeah, I'm also handshake-cultured { though Pasteur-and-vaccine-cultured, too, which is evidently superior for health,} but I'll improve, regardless of namaste's religious origin; kookiness is fine by me, as I believe in what Jesus had said regarding rescuing a lost sheep on a sabbath: "tend my sheep;" wearing a facial mask properly is Pasteur-culture's modern Passover sign put over the entrance, in solidarity with the Hongkongers, ) the ancient spiritual homeland of Asia, but to no avail: Namaste. It's a distilled essense of a civilization that has survived through pandemics and epidemics arising from long-distance trading millennia ago. The spirit of the ancestors still lives on in the customs. Politicians who defy the implications of Pasteur's discoveries have been and will be purged by infections. Love being pensed... for months!!!

Erection has Con sequences. Trumpanzees! Trumpanzees! Trumpanzees! Trump 2040 still beats Pootin 2036 by 4 years. The "golden boy" buttplug ( i.e. the pot US -- my experience as a preschooler with our home's chamber pot showed that I had to spread my legs apart to forestall my slipping deeper into the pot; the transparency was why the two neighborhood Homo-topology field-research scientists did the observations on another sample of hitherto poorly observed female urogenitalia perched atop a chamber pot next-door--science calls for reproducibility; my pubescent babysitter had only introduced me to her single no-fluid-flow sample so we the scientists had more fluid-dynamic and topological questions after our meeting and doing the critical design review on the limited data from the single inherited sample of God's handiwork cleaving apart Eve from Adam; not all scientific experiments need to be performed due to the factors such as the embarrassment of the subject or the easy availability of reliable data already existing in my Big Brother's high-school Biology textbooks, if we could read ) still needs to take care when using the pootinium-laced chamber pot. Stable rigidity isn't an easy bromance not to fall into.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Does the Maniacal Artist need to do more to calm the fever? Perhaps in logical bottom-oriented fashion, build a Cloaca Maxima to drain the swamp for real rather than just applying the "golden-boy" buttplug? Be careful when using the pootinium-laced chamber pot !

One nurse opened up about her own experience treating a patient and the issue she faces now: being unable to get tested.

The nurse from a Northern California Kaiser Facility, who was not named, said she is in 
quarantine after caring for a patient who tested positive.

"I’m awaiting 'permission' from the federal government to allow for my testing, even 
after my physician and county health professional ordered it," she said in a statement.

The nurse said she had volunteered to be on the care team for the patient, but did so 
assuming "if something happened to me, of course I too would be cared for."

"I did this because I had all the recommended protective gear and training from my 
employer. ... But the National CDC would not initiate testing. They said they would not 
test me because if I were wearing the recommended protective equipment, then I 
wouldn’t have the coronavirus."

She said the only way to care for the patients is if they are also properly cared for.

"Nurses aren’t going to stand by and let this testing delay continue; we are going to 
stand together to make sure we can protect our patients -- by being protected 
ourselves," her statement read.

Golden-boy buttplug is multifunctional and used for multiple bodily orifices delivering America's maximal exotic pleasure via las vagus nerve.

When the vagus nerve is overstimulated, the body's blood vessels dilate, especially 
those in the lower extremities, and the heart temporarily slows down. The brain is 
deprived of oxygen, causing the patient to lose consciousness.

Some young kids playing hide-and-seek know how to hide from the seeker: by covering up both of their eyes with their hands while staying in place. I was far superior: one glance at the seeker's nostrils and their direction and I could take off like the New Horizons' ATLAS V rocket. I lost the stone coin(s) hung on the silver chain around my neck at least twice, testifying to the high-g forces encountered in order to reach Pluto (without kissing its Sputnik Planitia) via gravity-assist by Big Brother Jupiter. The losses were why I had doubted their talisman efficacy touted by Mom. As rocket exhaust or decoys, they might have worked. Our family's matriarchs probably knew of Newton's Third Law of Motion: no gain possible if no loss; the greater the loss, the greater the gain possible.