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Forum Post: Six in the beam

Posted 5 years ago on June 26, 2012, 9:30 p.m. EST by yuandian (0) from 布鲁克林, NY
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Azerbaijan team to a 2-0 lead before half-time, nike nfl jerseys,Field fans burst to the consternation, during which a mixture of a lot of boos. The Chinese team kick-off, trying to regain half of the game before the end of a guest Azerbaijan team has scored two goals, with the laissez-faire team forward offensive. The blink of an eye, massive pressure on the Chinese team came to the frontier closed area of the Azerbaijan team, still to the Daojiao tie of the kind of left, right, this on the 10th Zheng Zhi's vision and ideas seem to be more than the previous progress, but on the 11th high forest location of pressure before a lot of this is slowly accumulated in the game the feeling and experience.

Money rain and substitutes standing in the Azerbaijan team behind the goal of stretching, and looked at the offensive organization of the Chinese team.

"Hey! Money rain!" Money rain seems to hear the behind someone called her, looked back and, together with the photographer standing behind the billboard reporter Licheng Peng.

Money rain stepped back and Licheng Peng greeting.

"When did you?" Licheng Peng asked the money rain.

Shrugged: "Do not know, look at the coach arranged a money rain!"

Licheng Peng nodded, and suddenly eyes looked to the court: "opportunity!"

Money rain quickly back, I saw on the 10th Zheng Zhi is kick Zhisai, ball torn Azerbaijan team line of defense of the frontier closed area, this time on the 11th forest to take advantage of Azerbaijan defender turned less than a stride inserted into the restricted area to get ball. The Azerbaijan goalkeeper is also not hesitate, immediately abandoned the door to attack.

"Fire!" Money rain and Licheng Peng almost simultaneously shouted.

This time on the 11th forest seems to have suddenly is some lack of confidence, not only did not Charge shot, but he sprint accumulate slowed down, while still looked up to Middle Road, No. 9 Chen Tao also to Middle Road to rely on, Coach Purses outlet,11 high forest want the ball and steadily push Kongmen passed on the 9th Chen Tao.

Attack Azerbaijan goalkeeper is very firm, and immediately saw through the 11th of the idea of forest, a horizontal flutter, on the 11th of Lin's cross firmly he was arrested in the hands.

High forest in the 11th three missed field goal opportunity, to the chagrin of his knees on the grass.

"Stinks" money rain behind Licheng Peng said angrily.

"Oh!" Money rain quickly for the high forest excuse a few words, "the ball is not so easily into."

In fact, this moment, his mind was thinking, can these three goals all scored.

Opportunity! What they need is the chance to play! !

The end of the first half whistle blew, Zhu Guanghu first got up and walked toward the locker room, the rain of money quickly to say hello, nfl jerseys authentic,and Licheng Peng also ran to the locker room direction away.

The problem! Where? "Zhu Guanghu opening sentence is a rhetorical question, the players no one to speak.

Zhu Guanghu few seconds of silence: "We are not each other's goal in fact is the element of luck, and we do not seize any opportunity."

Money rain nervously sitting on the inside corner of the locker room, he had a premonition, Zhu Guanghu is necessary talked himself.

High forest! The first half, lost three opportunities, this is not your attitude, I do not want to say your ability, but poor you, do not think there are not any good striker. "Zhu Guanghu the The discourse is very caustic.

The first half is already very hard to try to Lin Zhu Guanghu such a loss, a little angry to say, the hands of the towel angrily to the floor and cried throw inside his mouth slightly to emerge of a "parade", the locker room fell silent.

Zhu Guanghu staring at the high forest a long time, inside the eye seems to Mao Chuhuo, suddenly turned around and looked around, found a corner inside the money rain, pointing to the money rain: the second half of money rain for the high forest. "

Rain Qian Zhang mouth, I did not expect one such occasion, to stand up and played for the national team for the first time, Elite nfl jerseys,a lot of people are crooked so far as to look at the money rain.

Zhu Guanghu directed at the assistant coach of the side shouted: "Lenz doing? Do not talk to the referee that substitutions?

Assistant coach swiftly out.

Money rain do not know the speed to quickly slow down or speed change from the jersey, there Gaolin one gave his own shirt to take off down.

Money rain wearing jersey No. 18 in the game has not yet begun on a person holding a football went to the field, start a movement of the ball, a little bored waiting for the fans in the Field to see someone playing, and regardless of who think the game is about started applauding loudly. Money rain at this time slowly ran with the ball one in front of goal, just Licheng Peng is also there and a few photographers chatting, see money rain ran, then waved to him: "Come, man, show a "



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