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Forum Post: Sing On Brother, Sing On

Posted 11 months ago on Aug. 22, 2013, 7:53 p.m. EST by ZenDog (13639) from South Burlington, VT
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That's what I'm talkin about

So I went in town, you know. That's just how I do. Sat on a bench, just watchin the world go by. Couple of the local boys in blue came by, you know, just like they do. They pass on by.

They turn back.

They give me the eye.

I don't mind

Another came by a few minutes later, by himself, ignorin' me. Where's his partner, I ask, cuz I know he wants to hear a Limerick. I know.

"On vacation."

I saw him a few more times. The other two? Not at all.

So maybe they are the special watch dogs for conservative interests. Could be. What do I know. What do I know? I'll tell ya what I know.

that hc mutherfuker is a whine ass, jive ass punk

I don't mind

I don't mind

It ain't my fault if every single politically active conservative on the planet should be lined up and shot. It ain't my fault, I had nothin' to do with it, and I ain't gonna lie about it either. Around one hundred and fifty years ago conservative scum nearly brought down the British crown, while with their behavior they consigned 1.5 million Irish to death from starvation and disease - and all in the name of greed.

For the same cause these same worthless shitbags - ideologically speaking of course - have lied to the whole world regarding Global Warming and the consequences are far far more dire than the Irish Famine ever was.

And I had nothing to do with it.

Every single politically active conservative should be SHOT. It ain't my fault. That' just how it is. Don't expect me to lie about it. And don't expect any apology.

It just ain't in 'em.



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[-] 0 points by ZenDog (13639) from South Burlington, VT 11 months ago

shadow bans

this site is so fuking lame - either delete the post or not.

that's bullshit

It's not only dishonest it's just lame.

  • lame ass jive ass punk ass bullshit

Either delete it, or no. make up your fukin minds


fukin cowards

can't even tell the truth to save your own asses

fuk you

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (34876) from Coon Rapids, MN 11 months ago

Have you ever asked jart why - when a comment or post is removed - that those who wrote the post or comment can still see it? I mean it really does make no sense if the writer of a removed post or comment can not see that this has been done.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 11 months ago

as I understood ghost posts

is that the title does not show on the forum page

anyone that starts a topic that becomes invisible may not realize this due to the response alerts

[-] 1 points by ZenDog (13639) from South Burlington, VT 11 months ago

it's bullshit - there are three places where we get feedback on the main page.

  1. The public forum list

    • a shadow banned post shows up in this list only for the author and no one else
  2. Recent comments

    • comments on a shadow banned post show up here for everyone
  3. Best comments today

    • comments in this list if they were posted on a shadow banned post may show up for everyone on this list, not sure
  4. And yes, the notifications list,

  5. There is also the list of recent forum posts that is top right on each forum post page, Just as it appears on this page, and a shadow banned post will not appear in this list.

It's all bullshit. I remember laughter in the early days over the shadow ban, because it tended to fool the author. I say it is cowardice. It is the anarchists fear of rules, fear of reality. No matter what a given set of rules may be there will be those whose tendency is to step beyond them.

Let the rules stand or fall on the basis of their own merits. In this particular instance: Have I spoken the truth or not? Is the truth simply too offensive? Can anything I have said be refuted? Refute it then.

Or ban it through an honest deletion. Such act deserves explanation. Are posters here not worth so much? Do we not merit such consideration?

But this cannot be - for to do so would be to publicly acknowledge the utter failure of anarchy as an organizing principle, thus demonstrating the necessity of rules.

hypocrisy. cowardice. bullshit.