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Forum Post: Since when did " Wants become Needs"

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 13, 2011, 3:55 p.m. EST by roystarica (3)
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Since the label of 99% and 1% is the buzz word Today... ill use it..

News Flash! 99% stop buying so much Crap... ie consumerism.. the 1% will feel it.

If we keep up with the mind set the Wants are really NEEDS... then this protest is for not.

up to you as a people to make a change FIRST. if you cannot afford it, u do not NEED to WANT it!




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[-] 1 points by riverwoman (37) 6 years ago

Right on Roy! We feed the beast. I tend to think "wants" and "needs" have always been present in human nature, but I also believe the advent of industrialization and jobs which created disposable income, perpetuation of credit, and marketing the hell out of "crap" we don't need but feel we deserve paints a clear picture of our current consumer behavior. For example, if we want to conserve energy we don't "need" to buy a Hummer, but we look so good and are so important if we do. The Jones' are going to be so jealous.

However, with so many "free market" (sic) acts of financial favoritism in our legal, economic and political system, the 1% won't feel it for long. We rich taxpayers will subsidize their losses. LOL...I am so confused. Are we a capitalists, socialists, or communists? Capitalism = free market economics. Socialists redistribute resources. Communists own the businesses. Maybe we should become Capsoccommists?

[-] 1 points by roystarica (3) 6 years ago

if one can afford it then they get to make a choice... Do i need it?? the 99%, by most calculations.. cannot afford it.. and need to tighten up their belts... this isnt something that most are willing to accept. with that mind set, we will continue to have issues. Creating awareness and a change of mind set is the key to our future and the end game on such protests.. without it, its a cry on deaf ears.

[-] 1 points by riverwoman (37) 6 years ago

Time to clean out the ear wax.

[-] 1 points by tonybaldwin (235) from New Haven, CT 6 years ago

Yes! Rampant consumerism has only fed the corporate, fascist machine (and destroyed the environment). An economy that is based on continuous "growth" (ie, rampant consumerism) is simply not sustainable, and we MUST consider this.
We must also consider pervasive planned obsolescence. My Grandma got a toaster when she was married, and left it to my Mom in her Will, 60 years later. Today, you get a toaster and it has a 1 year warranty, and 13 months later, it stops working. You go buy another. Our "stuff" is all too disposable.
We used to buy American products, made by American companies who were proud to make durable products. Now we get junk, discard it a year later, and buy more junk. It must stop. Also, sorry to be pedantic, but, I believe you meant,"this protest is for naught" (meaning "is for nothing").

[-] 1 points by roystarica (3) 6 years ago

spelling has never been my strong suit... and yes, u are correct.. For Naught :)

[-] 1 points by Teacher (469) 6 years ago

Consumerism was never my thing. But I agree that the way to hurt the powers that be is with economic power.