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Forum Post: sign petition to kill 501c4 politics

Posted 4 years ago on June 25, 2013, 6:22 a.m. EST by bensdad (8977)
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sign petition to kill 501c4 politics


issue an Executive Order nullifying IRS "regulation"
re: 501c4's and mandating the original statute be enforced.

Honorable Barack H. Obama, President:

The replacement by the IRS in 1959 of the word "exclusively" in the original and still-extant pre-1959 501 c (4) statute, with the word "primarily" in the procedural 'regulation' manual,simply put, violates the law. At whatever cost to those who have ridden this loophole to the absolute corruption of our political system by money, the original wording of "exclusively social welfare" needs to be enforced and restored to the IRS regulation. Created: Jun 06, 2013



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[-] 2 points by Nevada1 (5843) 4 years ago





[-] -2 points by mideast (506) 4 years ago


[-] 0 points by JasonWyngarde (-2) 4 years ago

Have you two met? You seem to have a lot in common.

[-] 1 points by bensdad (7671) 3 days ago I do not hate [atwater & cheney & lapierre & norquist are exceptions]

[-] 1 points by mideast (499) 1 week ago I "hate" VERY few people - grover, kochs, atwater, lapierre