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Forum Post: Sick of ya.

Posted 10 years ago on Nov. 17, 2011, 6:24 p.m. EST by NachoBusiness (0)
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Please, please, please. Just read this. Then go away... http://www.daveramsey.com/article/dear-occupy-wall-street/lifeandmoney_economy/



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[-] 1 points by tomcat68 (298) 10 years ago

yea, good stuff. problem is you wont get many to read it. they will go back to name calling and you are a Trog or a Troll or something.

I have a few teenagers who I am learning to deal with, that same "I know everything and old people just don't get it". I'm surprised to see the Protesters in that same mental state as my teenagers but then again, my boys are more down home, real world kids.

[-] 0 points by nineeightpercent (11) 10 years ago

Probably the most well-written critique of OWS that I have read to date. Thanks for sharing.

[-] -1 points by puppetsofsorros (70) 10 years ago

There is a reason they haven't articulated any demands. Anarchy IS their goal. Read this link if you doubt my words. Oh, the puppets and pawns in the street have demands but the man behind the curtain doesn't. http://commonstruggle.org/node/2570 http://nefac.net/node/2569