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Forum Post: sexism persists in 2014 - a new generation needs an education!

Posted 5 years ago on Oct. 12, 2014, 12:02 p.m. EST by elf3 (4172)
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I sat in a restaurant yesterday a cook came out front to get beer from the young female bartender...she filled his pitcher and he patronizingly uttered " thank you sweatheart" in a way that he may as well felt her up or patted her ass in plain view of managers and customers then made eye contact with me as if daring me to challenge....no one blinked or noticed. This angered me and my husband because we were quite sure we weren't in a strip club or in 1942. He was a young Spanish man and I turned to my husband and stated " at least she had the courtesy not to call him darkee. " At this point every head turned because I had used a derogatory term to draw a comparison with what I had just seen and they missed my point entirely thereby displaying a blatant double standard. There was also a drunken white construction worker who seemed to be confusing her profession with a stripper treating her like a personal whore servant complaining her hair was in a bun. What is happening to feminism. At both points she had to make a choice to let it ride and submit to not make waves with her job or seem uptight or prove how sensitive women are...and management typically has a habit of asking the woman if she minded if they do notice rather than immediately discipline the employee or stepping in to handle the customer. Making her a spectacle and putting her on the spot. At this point I told my husband I was going to complain to the manager. My husband touched my arm to stop me and said " this is her battle" . Is it ? I hold a different view especially since I thought our nation had mostly put this issue to bed already



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