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Forum Post: set your DVRs: Bill Moyers is back on PBS tonight!

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 15, 2012, 12:09 p.m. EST by RillyKewl (218)
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set your DVRs: Bill Moyers is on! PBS Sunday 6PM (1.15.12) NYC— channel 13 Thirteen check your own local listings

MOYERS & COMPANY or watch it here: http://billmoyers.com/ Moyers & Company

Check it out. its totally brilliant, if you want a better understanding of the issues surrounding our occupation

Bill Moyers returns on-air and online in January 2012 with MOYERS & COMPANY, a weekly hour of compelling and vital conversation about life and the state of American democracy, featuring some of the best thinkers of our time. A range of scholars, artists, activists, scientists, philosophers and newsmakers bring context, insight and meaning to important topics. The series occasionally includes Moyers' own timely and penetrating essays on society and government. In a multimedia marketplace saturated with shallow sound bites and partisan name-calling, MOYERS & COMPANY digs deeper. As the Los Angeles Times put it in 2010, "No one on television has centralized the discussion of ideas as much as Moyers... He not only gives a forum to unusual thinkers, he is truly interested in what they have to say and who they are because he believes their ideas really matter. "



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