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Forum Post: Sept 17, 2014 - OWS Revival. Zuccotti Park. Bring Your Tent.

Posted 3 years ago on Aug. 4, 2014, 5:45 p.m. EST by cometotheparty (-66) from New York, NY
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why did we stop? let's start again!



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[-] 3 points by trashyharry (3082) from Waterville, NY 3 years ago

People could bring tents.More important to bring:a bike helmet or hard hat,swimming or ski goggles,a thick wool muffler to wind around the neck for protection.Also,good quality form fitting ear plugs.The parts of the human body most vulnerable to injury by police during an overly enthusiastic arrest are:the head,the neck,the hands,the fingers,the arms and the shoulders.It is not really a good idea to wear sneakers,sandals,open-toed shoes or high heels if you are possibly going to a situation where people could be crowded together or herded about by police activity.The feet and lower legs could possibly be injured in such situations.Do bring extra socks,corn starch baby powder,throat lozenges-(Occupy prefers Ricola).Don't wear any valuable or keepsake jewelry.Do bring any camera equipment that you can tolerate being sacrificed to loss or destruction.I don't know how people who have smart phones can come without them,so people will just have to be really careful to be sure their essential equipment is kept safe.Bringing alcoholic beverages,illegal drugs or nonessential prescription drugs is not a good idea.Bringing a bottle of aspirin,energy bars and enough bottled water to share would be helpful.VQP

[-] 0 points by cometotheparty (-66) from New York, NY 3 years ago

i don't like your projection. already thinking of fighting with cops when we have not even arrived yet. i like positive thinking. not always thinking cops will hate us. i do one thing at a time. i want to meet in zuccotti only to start again. i will worry about police when that time comes. i will no make projection.

[-] 1 points by trashyharry (3082) from Waterville, NY 3 years ago

Oh,I think it would be best for people to understand that there is opposition to the idea that a complete and comprehensive change is needed in this country,and the world.The end of State Capitalism,nothing less.The idea has been around for quite some time.It is not really possible to arrest an idea.Those who oppose #OWS will focus on people who think about the idea.They will act against #OWS.They will spy on them.They will arrest them.They will injure them,and they will repress and kill them if and when they can.People who don't believe in Capitalism anymore don't have to do anything more than speak about their views and/or act upon them even so mildly as assembling in public for FTF discussion purposes.Since you proposed that people show up in Zucotti with tents,I assumed you understood that putting up tents in Zucotti is an arrestable offense.Merely showing up is probably going to be allowed.If any number of people start putting up tents,there will be arrests unless they stop immediately when told by the NYPD to do so.So that begs the following questions:why are you encouraging people to bring tents when putting them up would not be possible,and are you trying to influence people to do something in NYC which could get them arrested without making sure they understand that?If so,why in both instances would you do such a thing?As far as your accusation that I am injecting negativity,I do not agree that being prepared for the consequences of actions is negativity.While it's true that I don't know any more than you what is in the future,I feel that casting the activities of #OWS as a a children's game or a picaresque adventure is both misleading and dangerous.With all due respect to you,of course.You seem a decent sort,but there are consequences for even suggesting that Oligarchs and Corporate entities stop killing animals,humans,ecosystems and the entire planet for profit,Because-they don't want to.