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Forum Post: Sept 13-16: STAGES of OCCUPY, a 3-city S17 theater collaboration

Posted 11 years ago on Sept. 12, 2012, 1:43 p.m. EST by occupythestage (0) from Brooklyn, NY
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THURS-SUN, SEPT 13-16 STAGES of OCCUPY: A Theatre Event

Sept 13, 8PM at Jack, 505 ½ Waverly Ave, BROOKLYN Sept 14-16, 8PM at The Yippie Museum Stage, 9 Bleecker St, MANHATTAN

$12 suggested donation, pay what you can, no one turned away http://theforumproject.org/stagesofoccupy

In celebration of Occupy Wall Street’s one year anniversary, Stages of Occupy is a evening of interactive theatre pieces from three Occupied cities--Occupy the Stage from Occupy Wall St., Nu Sass from Occupy D.C. and Reverend Nuge from Occupy Detroit. Join us in performance and dialogue as we share experiences and explore the crucial themes of economic and social justice using theater.

Stages of Occupy reflects on the beginnings of OWS and it's sister movements in other cities. The shows explore Occupy Detroit and Occupy DC - McPherson Square from their beginnings, through their evictions, and beyond. Not only a look at the first year of OWS and the movement it created, Stages of Occupy also a look forward. At the end of each show, Occupy the Stage from OWS wraps up with a dialogic performance asking audience members to consider the themes of Occupy and to devise options for taking action to continue the momentum of the movement. It's a crucial step to keep us considering where we've been but also how to move forward.

For more info visit http://theforumprojet.org/stagesofoccupy or email occupythestagenyc@gmail.com



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