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Forum Post: Separation within Reality

Posted 7 years ago on Feb. 16, 2013, 10:26 a.m. EST by cell81 (29)
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Separation within Reality

 Separation of the self from the other does exist.  The ever-connected structure of reality to the other, we call the collective, does exist.  These are two complementary parts of the whole of reality.  We choose to construct our own reality through the choices that we make.  This is a demonstration of our own free-will onto reality.  We conform to the real reality of things that are tied closer to the truth or we distance ourselves by conforming reality to our lies.  The real reality is tied to the truth because it transcends the self.  For example, events that are I make up only happen within me, but events that actually happen are something that was lived outside of me. 
 This essay is about separation of the self from the real reality to an alternative reality through choice.  The real reality is the natural state of being throughout - recognizing both the self and the collective.  Alternative realities can be constructed with different variations dependent on the individual, group or nation.  Therefore, demonstrating that alternative realities are constructed by lies is best suited for this essay because lies vary in degree.   This essay will then speculate (in short logic) that our universe is able to separate us from reality as well.  Based within this, is the assumption that we are just mediums within a functioning universe, and any medium is subjected to decay, annihilation or lost.   
The self is capable of separating itself from the real reality by; first constructing lies or alterations to actual events.  We all heard of when something happens, no one see it exactly alike.  This is from perceptual differences such as location, ability to process things, and the desire to see what you want to see.  Desire here will be the focus, this allows for alterations within the context of the real reality.  Desire, designs a form of reality that changes the outcome of the event in some form to favor one.  
  Changing events to favor ourselves is something that we do constantly.  It is changing the details around so we will gain something out of it.  It is a common mechanism of survival to interpretation reality for our own understanding.  This can be understood by, seeing the individual as a focal point of existence.  It would only be natural for a subject to adjust events around themselves for their own understanding.  

Henceforth, we have free-will: we choose to manipulate the environment, reality or the truth. It is the giving into our desires that changes the real reality; thus, leaving reality open for change. Reality can change because of its malleability; it takes on components of nature, society and truth. Once, someone recognizes this malleability they may feel like they have gained great power, thus it is very addictive. Manipulation is the greatest factor involved in falsifying reality and changing perceptions causing unforeseen misfortunes. Remember that manipulation here means throughout reality, even other people’s reality. “The truth is intricately involved within reality.” (Within Personality Puzzle 4th David Funder) Lies can distort reality but those who decide to live in it separate themselves from it. I know this generates a lot of questions and gaps but remember this is a short essay. Henceforth, we gain a little insight into how the self separates itself from the real reality. Through lies and manipulations an alternate reality is developed, and an unnatural state of things will most likely develop. This may be exhibited in different ways depending on the individual, group or nation and the power that they weld. One example would be the Nazis.
Now, I will discuss the possibility of the universe doing the same. The assumption that any medium is subjected to decay, annihilation or lost is not a novel notion. This is constantly claimed within the scientific field. For example, a star to a particle is subjected to decay, we know that stars have a lifespan and so do particles. This decay is a state of change where it becomes something else completely. Objects may contain remnants of these things but what it was does not exist anymore.
Therefore, I will like to propose that within this process of change is the possibility of annihilation. The complete change of one’s being can be subjected to annihilation because of the harm or malicious nature of that thing. For example, an object that gets caught within a black hole would be pulled to infinity and once passes the event horizon trapped within an immense gravity where we are not totally sure what happens.
This is very much like the lies people would tell to manipulate others. They stretch the truth until there is no more. Then you stuck in this big black hole where nothing really is because of all those lies. If we are able to lies so much that we are being stretched until infinity, then why isn’t the universe able to do that to us?
Those who have heard of the Gaia Theory would understand what I am talking about. It is that this planet has its own self-regulating system. That it is exhibited in different ways. Now, I am saying that the universe too, may have a self-regulating system. It may pertain to life but mostly energy itself. The mind is the greatest source of energy for us so this would be the first place it would begin.
People think that climate change could be the Earth acting out towards our ill-intended actions. I would like to take a step further and say the universe can do the same thing. It is not control over our environment as the reason for why we are here. Whatever the reason for the universe or the world, it was not for control.



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