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Forum Post: Send this to the MSM Networks

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 19, 2011, 10 p.m. EST by Collective99 (1) from Cincinnati, OH
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Here is a letter for the MSM that I channeled from the 99%. I encourage everyone to flood the networks with emails and letters, and demand that our voice be heard by all. Please copy and spread this letter if you agree with its' message.

Dear _( Media personality/executive of your choice),

I am writing to you to express, for myself and many others who feel as I do, the need for you and all who work under and above you to immediately abandon your networks’ current stance on issues local, national, and international, and to begin reforming your daily projections to accommodate the ever evolving collective consciousness of the viewers to whom you should be earnestly and diligently serving, but more specifically it must become your inherent responsibility to not propagate or inject any economical/political agenda or ill-founded and subliminally expressed motive, but instead to ensure your broadcast is a true and unbiased reflection of a social structure that is, while imperfect, always surviving and rising to meet the challenges of an undeserved, yet endless climate of adversity.

Is it disheartening, I wonder, for you and your fellow accomplices to be producers of day-in-day-out fear mongering, racial bigotry, extremist ultimatums and shameless silence in response to issues of internal corruption; and an all around unfulfillable lifetime of work- Only to have it garner the full attention of strictly the uneducated and apathetic demographic, which, as irony(and lifelong social conditioning) would have it, only leads to an ever increasing demand for more, MORE of the same inhuman and psychologically toxic “news”. Do you view your bloated stature and influential status as something exclusive and reserved for yourself and for others in positions of prominence and power? Can you not see that the truly great minds and souls, the children of this new human era, who have embraced their role as universal players, and are sprinkled all throughout our wonderful planet, swear no allegiance to the likes of yourselves nor to the mega conglomerates within which you reside, nor to the self proclaimed ‘enlightened’ architects of society with all their vast wealth who have again come full circle in their path of ‘virtuous’ selfishness, material gluttony and self-centered spirituality . Just as life spontaneously blinks into existence in the microscopic world, human brilliance can manifest in any fetus, borne of any given strand of DNA. Castes or classes, whether they are a result of financial wealth, family surname, or even a future global model that graphs all inhabitants by the frequency and complexity of their very DNA, they are simply man made lines of division to keep the perceived balance of power leaning the way it always has and to keep the powerless in a state of confusion and confliction. ‘The Fittest Survivors’, as their hero Darwin would think of them will soon find themselves in a new world indeed, just not one that derives order from chaos; or personal value from material wealth.

Whatever I say in this letter or whatever malice or outright hatred I have felt; for the breed of people you employ and display, who excel in the mindless spewing of human degradation or for the faded one dimensional spectrum of invalid and expired viewpoints that are imprinted onto the subconscious minds of your viewers, I must in all fairness admit that I am no more innocent, than the worst of the villains is guilty. My purpose in writing this letter is to attempt to explore the infinite depths of human consciousness that is ever at our disposal, as a method of honest transmission and divinely-assured clarity of communicative thoughts and sentiments. I speak in a language that is recognizable only to those whose hearts align with their minds, while eclipsing the over-indulgent ego-self. No one is better or more evil than another, of that I am in agreement, but if(when) someday I am in a position where my influence compounds my social or societal responsibility, I feel confident in saying that I will proceed in a manner that puts first the needs of those who look to me for guidance and strength.

In closing I just want to pass along to you my support and my direct conscious intention for both your professional situation and your personal journey. It is my intention that every person who has the power to do something everyday to improve the world around him or her, would do so with the same pleasure one feels when serving one's own family. I think the next lesson in the school of life on earth involves accepting the interconnectedness of all living things, especially our brothers and sisters of the human race, no matter the racial leanings. The voices of dissent and change/growth will have to come from all places along the human experience, high and low, in order for the human race to ascend from the depths of spiritual deprivation. So I hope something I have expressed in this letter has resonated with you in a positive way and I hope to one day turn on the news and actually see something truly newsworthy and better yet, to see it done in a manner that accurately reflects what it means for a human in our time to seek out, record, and report the state of affairs on a planet in the climax of yet another progression in the ancient and infinitely unfolding cyclical course of universal evolution.


The other 99%



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