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Forum Post: Scientific discovery of the decade - The Law of Mutually Cancelling Contradicting Dualities by Dr. Hein Klein Bir

Posted 7 years ago on May 27, 2012, 12:50 p.m. EST by MaryJaneCunningham (0)
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Did you notice that armchair protesters on this forum post advertisements for the current government (Democrats / Obama), while OWS ground protesters protest against the current government (Democrats / Obama).

Interested by this contradicting phenomenon, Dr. Hein Klein Bir made several experiments and discovered what he calls "The Law of Mutally Cancelling Contradicting Dualities." (Known as MCCD in inner circles) The law states that every time someone posts a pro Obama advert on this site, an OWS protester cancels it out by protesting against Obama in the street.

According to Dr. Hein Klein Bir, this is the cause of the current OWS standstill. He says - "OWS can't budge. It wants to fight against the current government, but it also wants to be a forum for free advertisements for the current government. These contradicting dualities cancel themselves out perfectly, and what we are left with are teenagers partying in tents. Nothing more, nothing less."

The study was funded in part by the new Summer School of Disobedience which promises to make your kids into nightmarish little disobedient punks by the end of the summer.



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