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S17 – The Story so Far.

Posted 7 months ago on Sept. 18, 2013, 11 p.m. EST by grimwomyn (35) from New York, NY

Occupy Wall Street’s second anniversary, Sept. 17, 2013.

Interesting stuff and some curve balls – watch out!

Compiled by Bill Dobbs on September 18, 2013 Additions/comments to: duchamp (at) mindspring.com

Agence France Presse: 'Occupy Wall Street' marks second anniversary

Al Jazeera: A bittersweet reunion for the Occupy movement

amNewYork: At least 3 arrested as Occupy Wall Street marks 2nd anniversary


Featherstone: Occupy Wall Street must raise its voice again

Associated Press via USA Today: Occupy Wall Street activists mark 2nd anniversary



Bloomberg Businessweek: Occupy Wall Street Is Dead, Long Live Occupy

Business Insider: Maybe Occupy Wall Street Wasn't Such A Failure After All

China Daily: Occupy Wall Street marks its second anniversary

CNN Money: 5 years after the crisis: Main St. vs. Wall St.

Daily Kos: Occupy Group Releases Their Alternative Banking Book – Occupy Finance

Daily Mail: Occupy Wall Street marks second anniversary with half-hearted protest at New York park where camp was built

Daily News: Unhappy Occupy Day for Occupy Wall Street activists on second anniversary of protest


What it was like covering Occupy Wall Street

DNAinfo: Hundreds March on 2-Year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

Financial Times: Occupy the bookshelf: #OWS turns two

Firedoglake: Occupy Marks Two-Year Anniversary as Richest 1% in America Continue to Get Richer

Forbes: They're Ba-aack: Occupy Wall Streeters Call For Robin Hood

Fox News: Occupy Wall Street anniversary focuses on Robin Hood tax

Free Speech Radio News: On anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, activists continue focus on economic justice

Gothamist: Photos: At Least Three Arrested During Occupy's Anniversary March


Photos: A Thousand New Yorkers March For Tax On Wall Street

International Business Times: Occupy Wall Street 2013: In Zuccotti Park, Frustration Over Lack Of Leadership, But Confidence That The Message Isn’t Dead

Also see

Campaigners Mark 2nd Anniversary Of Occupy Wall Street Movement

Lawyer Herald: Occupy Wall Street: Protesters Who Rallied Against Corporate Greed Celebrate 2 Year Anniversary in Manhattan

Metro New York: Occupy Wall Street celebrates two-year anniversary

Mint Press News: 2 Years After Occupy, A Look At The Economic Basis For Social Movements

Mother Jones: Why Imperfect Occupy Still Had Lasting Effects

National Review: Occupy’s Second Anniversary in Picture

The Nation: Occupy Celebrates Two Years Of Resistance

Newsbusters: Establishment Press Virtually Ignores Occupy Movement's Second Anniversary Call To 'End Capitalism'

Newsday: Occupy Wall Street demonstrators take to Manhattan streets

New York 1 News: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Mark Two-Year Anniversary

New York Post: OWS in de Blasio’s corner

New York Times: Occupy Has Mellow 2nd Birthday, With Appearance From the Hipster Cop

The North Star: Occupy’s Second Anniversary: Some Lessons

Notimex via El Diario: 'Occupy' sigue tras dos años

NPR: The Occupy Movement At 2: Many Voices, Many Messages

PBS Newshour: #S17: Occupy Wall Street celebrates 2nd anniversary

Politicker: Occupiers Hope Bill de Blasio Delivers on Inequality

Press TV: Occupy protesters take to streets in NY


OWL protesters mark 2nd anniversary of their movement


Occupy activists in NYC to mark 2nd anniversary

Reuters: Occupy Wall Street marks second anniversary with quiet rally

RT: 2 years after Occupy Wall Street: Poverty persists, economic inequality grows

Salon: Why I’m not returning to Zuccotti Park today

Shaw’s Blog: Occupy Wall Street Two Years Later: Radicalism Is The New Normal

Traders Magazine: Anemic Turnout Greets Occupy Wall Street's 2nd Anniversary

UPI: Protesters gather on Wall Street for Occupy second anniversary

Village Voice: "The First Amendment Steps Are Over There:" With a Heavy Police Presence, Occupy's Second Birthday Begins


State Senator Brad Hoylman and 16 Other HIV/AIDS Protesters Arrested During Last Night's March for a "Robin Hood" Tax on Wall Street

Wall Street Journal: Occupy Wall Street Marks Two Years

Washington Post: What Occupy Wall Street meant (or didn’t) to politics

Washington Square News: Occupy Wall Street celebrates two years

WABC Channel 7 TV News: Demonstrators mark 2nd anniversary of "Occupy Wall Street"

WCBS Channel 2 TV News: OWS Celebrates 2nd Anniversary With Marches, Rallies In Manhattan

WCBS Channel 2 TV News: Occupy Wall Street Activists Mark 2 Year Anniversary Of Movement

WNBC Channel 4 TV News: Raging Grannies Ready for "Action," 2 Years After Occupy Began

WPIX Channel 11 TV News: Police prep for protesters on second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street



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[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33128) from Coon Rapids, MN 7 months ago

WOW - Really Really Nice Job On Making This Post.