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Forum Post: Russian people need your help

Posted 8 years ago on May 19, 2012, 5:12 a.m. EST by Rus2012 (0)
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How to increase voting results from 23,67% to 74,54% in elections? That is a question Russian President answered making a huge frauds during Parliament and President elections in Russia. Thousands people goes to streets to protest, hundreds of trials were made. President said: “That was most fair elections in Russia”.

More than two months came after President elections. People still fights for their right to have fair votes.

There is a movie how elections were made in town near I live. How they have increased voting results from 23,67% to 74,54% .


That is a reason why so many people in Russia protest against such elections. It was in the town where many of my friends live. I went there and made myself those pictures in the end of movie.

After two months of President elections many people thought that the next massive protest demonstration allowed by government would fail. Even leaders of protest movement was not sure how many people came. Many people said that the protest movement dying and no one came. But what happened 6 May no one expected. No one expected including the leaders of protest movement that so many people still want to have fair elections, so many people still have not surrendered. And the Putin’s supporters were afraid. Next day there is an inauguration of Putin as President of Russia. And so many people went to protest against unfair his election. The decision was made to suppress that demonstration and meeting so there was no more evidence how many people protested. Despite it was official allowed demonstration Police blocked and afterwards began beating protesters. You can see here how policeman beat by his legs a protester who lie on the earth.


Here is how policeman arrest a young girl. http://www.ljplus.ru/img4/s/o/solidarity_rus/tyIw5jP0alC3EZ6WdHpapw_h800.jpg

This demonstration was allowed by government. But too many people came to protest just one day before Putin’s inauguration. Everyone was shocked. No one expected such violence by police. There was a peaceful 100 000 person’s demonstration several months ago without police violence. Now a white ribbon which became symbol of protest is a reason for which person can be arrested. The realm of state terror. A white ribbon on a dress became a crime and a reason for a person to be jailed. In several days after suppression of allowed demonstration famous Russian writer Boris Akunin wrote in his blog that he was going to make walk with some writers on streets of Moscow and invited people to take part in it. He wrote: “We will take a walk pretending that we're peacefully discussing literature, but actually shaking with fright. The purpose of the experiment is to establish if Muscovites may freely walk the streets of their city or if they require some kind of special permission to do so.” More than ten thousands persons after such police violence joined this walk. Ten thousands just because one record in a blog. Without placards and banners, without shouting slogans more than ten thousands silently came through streets of Moscow to make their silent protest against police violence, frauds during Parliament and President elections. Silently without banners because of the rule of state terror. If you do not believe me you can read about this writer’s walk on blomberg.com http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-05-16/russian-protesters-break-out-their-walking-shoes.html


Next events were well described by blombereg.com “Not to be deterred, protesters shifted to the model of Occupy Wall Street, setting up an impromptu camp in a small park around the statue of Abai Kunanbayev, the national poet of Kazakhstan. It was soon known by the Twitter hash-tag #occupyabai. Putin's administration and police, apparently exhausted and frustrated by all the walking, left the camp alone. It soon became a magnet for 1,000 to 1,500 mostly young people singing songs to the accompaniment of guitars, playing badminton and engaging in political discussions. Residents banned alcohol and policed themselves to prevent violent incidents. Garbage collection and food delivery was organized. Local homeless zoomed in on the area, drawn to the free sandwiches.”

This camp existed for a week until at early morning police stopped it existence and arrested several activists there. Protesters choose another place in Moscow and stayed there. Again 20 activists were arrested. But fight for right to have fair vote continues.

Can you help you us? You can ask question why people from thousands miles from Russia may want to help. I know for many people democratic election is bla-bla-bla but Russia is a powerful country with a veto in UN council. Remember Syria, who blocked any resolution that can harm Syrian President? It was Russia and China. Russian Dictator will always support dictators in others countries. First foreign Putin’s visit is in Belarus, to greet and support another dictator - Lukashenko. Having dictator in such big and powerful country like Russia for 6 year is very bad for entire world and it can return our world back to the cold war. You also get benefit in helping Russian people to overthrew their dictator like Serbian people did it with Miloshevich. What help there is need? Well, currently important thing is to explain all civilized world how great frauds were made during elections in Russia. So people understand why all these protests going on. I have created such movie, maybe with your help we can create better. Maybe you can help advertise movies about frauds in Russia over internet. Any help is welcome. Contact me by russianresistance2012@gmail.com. I have unique offer for you – to make a revolution in Russia.



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[-] 1 points by zoom6000 (430) from St Petersburg, FL 8 years ago

Do you really think we have domercry in america? ., The corporation of america moving now to Russia very soon you will find out how they corrupt your official in goverment and they will take control., of your countries.,so be thank full putin still in power

[-] 1 points by PeterKropotkin (1050) from Oakland, CA 8 years ago

I don't know how I could help you but I wish you and the russian people good luck in your fight for Democracy. Remember these things don't happen overnight. Communicating with people in the struggle in other parts of the world is a good idea too. We fight the same global elite so it is wise to communicate with the 99% here and in other countries as well.

[-] 1 points by niphtrique (323) from Sneek, FR 8 years ago

You shouldn't ask the Americans for help as the election process in the United States also has some serious shortcomings.

The election process in the United States is flawed


The election process in the United States has serious shortcomings, which makes the elections in the United States prone to fraud and manipulation. The most important shortcomings are:

  • The process of districting offers opportunities for special interests to influence politics for a longer timeframe.
  • Not all cases of election fraud that can be proven are not seriously investigated by the authorities.
  • Registration of voters in the United States offers opportunities for fraud.
  • The use of computerised voting machines makes the election process unverifiable and prone to fraud.
  • The media play an important role in eliminating candidates that could be harmful to the ruling oligarchy.


Electoral districts are remapped every ten years, and the process of redistricting can have a great influence on the outcome of elections. Skillful redistricting can help create Republican or Democratic districts, but it can also grace incumbents with virtually guaranteed reelection or leave them with nearly no chance at all. In the process, it can also create seats almost certain to be held by minorities or break those same groups apart, ensuring that they have almost no voice.

Influencing redistricting is costly and therefore it is often financed by corporations and other outside interests. They can provide the cash for gathering voter data, mapping consultants, and lobbyists to influence state legislators, who are in charge of redistricting in most states. Outside interests can also fund the lawsuits that contest nearly every state's redistricting plan after it is unveiled. Reshaping an elections map offers the opportunity to have influence at the state level and the congressional level for 10 years.

Elections fraud

Both political parties in the United States have committed elections fraud but this issue has not always been seriously investigated by the authorities. For example, Tea Party activists allegedly discovered a voting fraud in Texas. In a New York voter fraud case four Democratic officials and political operatives have now pleaded guilty to voter fraud in an alleged scheme to steal a New York election.

Related to fraud are tactics of voter suppression used by the Republicans. Taking measures like tougher ID requirements will reduce voter fraud but some other tactics used by the Republican Party appear to be aimed at blocking Democrats from voting. Registration of voters in the United States often leads to controversy and offers opportunities for fraud as excluding certain categories of citizens from voting complicates the registration process.

Elections fraud may have decided a number of Presidential elections in the United States. Many Republicans including Nixon and Eisenhower believed that Kennedy had benefited from vote fraud, especially in Texas, of which Lyndon B. Johnson was Senator, and Illinois, home of Mayor Richard Daley's powerful Chicago political machine.

There are allegations of election fraud in Maine caucus of the Republican Party in 2012, apparently meant to stop Ron Paul from winning. In Alaska Ron Paul lost unexpectedly. Republican Party officials were accused of using a wide range of tactics to change the outcome, such as turning young voters away, using outdated voter registration databases, levying poll taxes and rigging the elections. According to Ron Paul's Alaska campaign chief Evan Cutler, there is a history of game playing in Alaska's Republican Party.

Americans may think that elections fraud is unavoidable but it is not. Elections fraud is not a problem in most other Western democracies. Therefore the problem can be solved but it will not be solved as long as the current corrupt political order is not ended. The persecution of elections fraud in the United States is a partisan issue and many Americans only feel an outrage when the other party is the culprit. Elections fraud is one of the methods used by the elite to keep candidates from winning that may harm their interests.

Computerised voting machines

The Florida recount in the 2000 Presidential elections drew much attention because of faulty voting machines. In the fall of 2001 an analysis by the National Opinion Research Centre found that Al Gore may have won Florida and could have been President.

Computerised voting machines are used in the United States and some other countries. Most voting machines leave no paper trail and are therefore unverifiable. Some voting machines may have been secretly programmed to make election fraud possible. In the United States the software of voting machines was not open to scrutiny by election officials or computer experts. Many countries and some states in the United States have banned voting machines because they make elections unverifiable.

The Republican ties of several leading executives in the companies providing the voting machines cast further doubt on the integrity of the voting machines used in the United States. It is therefore probably not a coincidence that a voting machine was found in Ohio with a glitch that gave Bush extra votes during the presidential elections of 2004 [+]. Ohio was a crucial swing state that determined the outcome of the election. How the Ohio election results may have been altered, was revealed years later in a court filing.

In the Netherlands and in a number of other European countries voting machines have been banned, not because there was a suspicion of voting fraud, but because the machines left no paper trail. If computerised voting machines are to be used, their software and hardware should be part of the public domain, in order to be verifiable by everyone.

Role of the media

The media play a role in eliminating candidates. For example, Howard Dean had been the Democratic front-runner during the 2004 presidential election campaign. At the same time the media depicted him as unelectable, angry and gaffe-prone. He did not belong to the political establishment and he opposed the war in Iraq. He also intended to break up the large media conglomerates. His campaign was already falling apart, possibly due to his media coverage, but it was finally destroyed when a rallying cry to inspire his supporters was taken out of context and was repeated endlessly on the American media.

The media also seem not to prefer Presidential candidate Ron Paul. In the August 12 Iowa Straw Poll, the first test of the strength of Republican Presidential candidates, Michelle Bachman and Ron Paul came out on top. They captured 28% and 27% of the votes respectively. Most news networks did not mention that Ron Paul was a top-tier candidate.

Ron Paul supporters also think that media networks remove opinion polls if Ron Paul comes out on top. The media networks like CNBC suspect that Ron Paul supporters distort poll results. Fox News host Chris Wallace argued that if Ron Paul would win the Iowa caucus it doesn’t mean much because the GOP establishment does not believe he can win. A CBS report did not mention him at all while he came in second in New Hampshire.

Ron Paul is also accused of being an enemy of Israel as he has been critical of Israel. He once said that the situation in Gaza was almost like a concentration camp. The views of Ron Paul on Israel have often been distorted as he merely thinks that the United States should pursue its own interests and not those of Israel. His conservatism and non-interventionist stance indicate that there will be less profiteering by the oligarchs that fund the Republican Party if he becomes President.

[-] 1 points by MEHassa (24) 8 years ago

The solution for this to limit all donations to only $10 per person per month for all political parties. Besides limiting the influence from multinational companies, this method will also shows at least who has the most support from most people.