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Forum Post: Rise and Shine: Here's how we beat the security state. Here's how we WIN!

Posted 4 years ago on June 7, 2013, 8:25 p.m. EST by therising (6643)
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Check this out. Shadz supplied some important info earlier today. Shadz info is everything between the *. My words are below that section.

"Is the lawlessness of Obama's drone policy coming home (to haunt America) ?'', by George Monbiot : http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jun/03/ibragim-todashev-drones-policy-obama from which, I excerpt : ''Did the FBI FBI execute Ibragim Todashev? He appears to have been shot seven times while being interviewed at home in Orlando, Florida, about his connection to one of the Boston bombing suspects. Among the shots was the assassin's hallmark: a bullet to the back of the head. What kind of an interview was it? ''An irregular one. There was no lawyer present. It was not recorded. By the time Todashev was shot, he had apparently been interrogated by three agents for five hours. And then? Who knows? First, we were told, he lunged at them with a knife. How he acquired it, five hours into a police interview, was not explained. How he posed such a threat while recovering from a knee operation also remains perplexing.

* (end Shadz info, beginning of mine)

The question about the killing of Todashev is incredibly disturbing. Man, if I'm ever interviewed and 5 hours into the interview they shoot me seven times and one of them is in the back of the head, I hope people ask a whole lotta questions.

Is this going anywhere. Is it all mopped up or is there a way to get at the truth of this. Because the implications, if the FBI executed this witness (for giving the wrong answers?) then .... Ugh

There is an otherworldliness to the state of things at this moment in our nation. Black is white and white is black. The first African American president of whom we expected so much has let us down in countless ways... especially after having made it seemingly plain that he was sensible on privacy.

I think the video attached to the wall st journal article I posted (5 articles every American should read) says something really true and disturbing: people in the know realize quite clearly that all this surveillance isn't helping to fight terrorism. Terrorism, fortunately, doesn't happen often enough to develop patterns. So all this surveillance is for something else. It appears to simply be an elite clinging to power in whatever way they can, using our fucking tax dollars to build them a mountain of security to protect THEIR interests and track resistance.

People are still out there, doing the things we people do on a Friday. Man, it all appears so normal and yet beneath the surface, something is different. A line has been crossed.... I know full well it was crossed years ago but now it is out there in the open in all its ugliness. And the ugly defense of it is eerie. Creepy in its matter of fact tone.

The weak explanations feigning confidence.... They are a disturbing as the fact that many are nodding their heads in agreement. You can almost hear a chunk of America out there saying "Gosh, but what can we do. That's the world we live in." Common sheeple! The world is largely what we make it, how we approach it and relate to it. The news isn't like the weather. It doesn't just happen to us. We MAKE the news through our resistance or our complicity. Not deciding, not pursuing answers is a decision.

I can hear Rage Against the Machine's lead singer now: "WWWWWAAAKKKKE UP!!! Wwwwwwake up!! Wake up!!!!!!"

What's it going to take. This can't end with a murmur and a sigh of resignation. Life regenerates. It is self correcting. I'm just looking ahead, looking forward to those rays of sun, that awakening, that consciousness and aliveness that I know is in us.... That hunger for freedom and creation, that will to rise!!!!!! !!!!!! Rise people...... Rise!!!!!!!!

Breyton Breytonbach said this just before he was sentenced to prison in South Africa for his protest activities:

. "With confidence, we lay our case before the whole world. Whether we live, or whether we die, freedom will rise here like the sun through the morning clouds."

Come on people.... Let's rise!

ARE YOU AS PISSED OFF AS I AM? Then read this: http://www.occupywallst.org/forum/are-you-as-pissed-off-as-i-am-tired-of-the-stagnat/

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