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Forum Post: Rio +20 will redefine sustainable development - Will Occupy contribute?

Posted 6 years ago on May 25, 2012, 4:55 p.m. EST by Malu (0)
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So, next month in Rio there will be decisions made on what the new paradigm of sustainable development is for the world. Will Occupy making a strong contribution to this? We need to tell the world that the current system of minority, monied interests usurping democratic processes, making decisions that benefit the 1% and not the 99% of the world is the root cause of much of the problems we see across the globe. Without changing the system that creates this deep inequality and power imbalance, development aid and goals are a farce.

There is a public dialogue forum online Occupy can use. The UN will actually take proposed ideas that have a high level of online consensus straight to the decision makers and make them consider them in Rio - but only if they have enough votes behind them. Check out the online system of proposing ideas and voting:


A proposal: Develop a few clear, powerful message and get people to vote for strong statements on the need to change the way money influences democratic decision making. We need legislative reforms to make this happen, and these could be developed for all countries. Tell the UN they have to focus on changing the way the elite are ruling the world (in all countries east, west, north and south) and making bad decisions for their citizens based on the interests of those who are really in power: the 1%.

If we can get this message on the table in Rio, we can push the issue further on the global stage and the messages that the Occupy movement is trying to transmit will reach further and louder.

It will be in the news. It will be reported in the media when it covers Rio +20.

Read up about it! Discuss this at your next Assembly meeting! Coordinate and Act Now!



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