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Forum Post: Rick Scott - Just Another Idiot Politician

Posted 8 years ago on July 3, 2012, 3:05 p.m. EST by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL
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Why are we worried about the length of time it takes those who do voter registration drives to get the stuff into the office of elections? Voter drives should be encouraged, not discouraged. Or how about this novel freakin concept- JUST MAKE EVERYONE ELIGIBLE.

Why are we worried about voter registration removals? We are stuck with two corporate choices on everything anyways. How about Florida removes the mountains of barriers that dont allow for other parties and people to get on the ballot?

Why are we worried about drug testing welfare recipients? Drugs should be legal.

Why are we still worried about abortion? Freedom of choice is part of overall freedom. The R in one breath screams for less biz regulations, but they sure as hell do like to regulate YOU.

Moves I do agree with:

-Not doing the highspeed rail. We already have a rail that goes from Tmapa to Orlando, and the new one was going to only be 20 minutes shorter time. Im not sure what we are waiting for in fixing the rest of the roads, typical gov shit- money for crap, ignore hte basics.

Obviously, Im not a fan of Obamacare. But seems how he runs with the R's, he's just as bought on that as the rest of em. His party will not overturn it, the insurance companies fund the R campaigns just as much as the D campaigns.

This post is in repsonse to the small group that assumes if someone A) has lost faith in the Democrats and feels they can longer be trusted and/or B) wants to end the grip of the two party tyranny....it must mean they are right wing nuts!!

The fact that people take a certain set of standards, and come to this predefined nonsense, which is pushed by every level of the media, just shows how much work we have to do to wake this public up.



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[-] 1 points by rpc972 (628) from Portland, OR 8 years ago

Hospital Corporaton of America's (HCA) own panel of inquiry has found overwhelming evidence that several of their hospitals in Florida were regularly preforming dangerous and unnecessary cardiac procedures, oh and they were also highly profitable operations to perform. If you think the name HCA sounds familiar, it's because it was founded by the current Governor of Florida, and it paid a record fine of $2 billion for Medicare fraud. The rightwing talking point is that Rick Scott "wasn't involved", he did however take the 5th during testimony something like a hundred times to avoid incriminating himself. Yeah, you can guess the odds that he wasn't involved.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 8 years ago

Or how about this novel freakin concept- JUST MAKE EVERYONE ELIGIBLE.

if they can be reasonably identified

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 8 years ago

LOL Matt LOf'nL............I think you forgot to end with - Kinda like sorta.... ......aAHhahahahahahha