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Forum Post: Revolutionary Solutionists Challenged

Posted 6 years ago on Sept. 25, 2011, 5:30 p.m. EST by crazyeye71 (0)
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There is a movement going on in New York City called Occupy Wall Street. Their intentions are to create a global revolution through a unified voice of solidarity. The leadership is a collective consciousness with all ideas accepted and the most common ideas pushed to the front of the agenda list. I can appreciate that because that truly embodies what a Republic is all about. Remember, The United States of America is a Republic... which means by our constitutional rights we the people have supreme control over our government. We have been given the “responsibility” to oversea our government. Each one of us plays a vital role not only in the future of America but in the future of the world. America represents a nation of liberty and the world watches. The world hopes for us, hopes for you the individual because each of us symbolizes hope for everyone. So I encourage every American to assume their true responsibility which is protecting the Constitution and their Bill of Rights which our forefathers gave their lives for.

There are many problems the true American citizen faces. Corrupt and evil bankers, the biased and controlled mass-media, resource robbing profit seeking mega-corporations, the environment, the health care system, the prison system, the education system, the political system, and on and on. Yet at first glance you would not believe it but none of these systems are broke. The system that controls these systems is broke and this is what mass media hides from you. That system is called “The Money system”. Private bankers and the elites control this system. People scream in agony and rage “Give me Justice”. These bankers are just like you and I, they are human beings with fallible weaknesses. Uncounted numbers have been murdered and destroyed at the hands of these people. You waste your time for demanding justice. Another will rise up and replace these individuals immediately... and the profiteering war machine marches on. Don’t waste your time. Become a collective voice of real world solutions. Become active in creating and executing the solutions your collective voice arrives at.

Creating solutions will be way more productive when we understand truly what the source of the problem is. That source is the greed, fear and anxiety money creates. The robbing of our natural resources the money system creates. The profits over people the money system creates. The social injustices the money system creates. The prisons the money system creates. The lack of empathy and separatism(status quo) the money system creates. The erosion of our unalienable rights the money system creates. It is not the people who control the system, it is the system itself. So if there is to be real and lasting change the system has to go or be radically changed.

A basic overview of how the money system works. First, understand that the money system is not operated by The Federal Government. It is privately owned and operated without regulation. This is critical for the agenda of the bankers, elite and mega corporations. This must change. Second, understand how money works in the private sector. Let’s say you and I were the only two people in the world and there is only a $100 in the economy. I have $80 and you have $20. You want to buy something and it costs $40. So, you borrow $20 and you have to pay me back $30. That would mean that there needs to be $110 in the economy, but... there is not $110. Where are you going to get that extra $10? You are not and that makes you indebted to me. Simply, that is a form of slavery and oppression. Now, step back and view that on a global scale. Third, understand the true purpose of money. The general purpose of money is to make the trading of goods and services easier and more efficient. That is how we easily clothe ourselves, feed ourselves, build homes, get educations and on and on. Within the private sector money is used to control people through the anxiety that power and money has done to them. In other words they are scared to lose their power because of the psychological effects that anxiety has over them. Wars, oppression and tyranny. Understanding this anxiety is difficult because most of us don’t have that kind of money and power. Please, learn to understand this. Fourth, understand that the amount of money in the system is the most important factor in determining the health of an economy. If there is too much money then there will be inflation/rising prices to allow that money into the system, it also creates a less productive society because the need for productivity diminishes with increased wealth. If there is not enough money then there will be deflation, recessions and depressions because there is not enough money to facilitate the trading of goods and services. This also leads to a decline in productivity. This creates a psychological oppression on the individual. A lack of purpose running rampant through society. The control of the amount of money in the system is critical to the success of an economy and ultimately society itself. The amount of money in the system should be proportionate to the size of the population. That simple. So, who controls the amount of money in the system controls society. In short... humanity serves money when money should be a servant of humanity not it’s master.

How can this change? First and of critical importance to the protection of liberty and our inalienable rights is to remove that control from the private sector. Abolish The Federal Reserve. Begin to set up a money system that is truly democratic and it’s purpose to serve The Republic of The United States of America. How do we do that? Put the control of money into the hands of Congress; our elected representatives. Make money policy an open forum discussed on the floor of Congress. In other words create a transparent money policy. No more backroom secret meetings. Create a framework for money policy that is designed around the amount of money in the system. This framework should include the proportional relationship between the amount of money in the system and the size of the population. In other words, inflation would represent the increase in the size of the population. So, let’s say the population grew 2.5% in one year then the amount of money would grow 2.5% to facilitate the continued trading of goods and services. There would never ever be a depression or recession like ones we have experienced in the past. This would be one of the most critical jobs of Congress in regard to it’s responsibility to the people of America. Politicians would now be elected because they truly represented us not the elites and mega corporations. Also, within this framework the government would issue debt free money with reasonable administrative fees attached not ballooned debts that can never be repayed. This framework would be utilized to create a “Democratic Debt Free Money System”. Transparent, healthy and most importantly serving humanity.

This would only be the first, yet, giant step forward in the march to a truly sustainable world. A for profit system rapes the planet of it’s natural resources. Let me explain how this works in regard to profiteering. Let’s say Company A makes couches and they will make more profits by building cheaper couches that need to be replaced more often. So, these materials end up in waste dumps at an alarmingly increasing rate therefore putting an increased demand on our natural resources. This creates cheap goods and unnecessary use of “finite” resources. The profits over sustainability is is a disease that has spread in all industries. We need to understand that there really are only a finite amount of natural resources on the planet. We should use the resources wisely. Build better and longer lasting products, develop new energy technologies, and manage our resources on a global scale. There is an idea called a “Resource Based Economy” and I encourage you to understand it. Managing our resources is critical in the survival of humanity. How do we mange our finite natural resources? That question is a big one and the solution must be discovered. Ask that question. Find a solution. Sustainability on a global scale.

So... Occupy Wall Streeters. I challenge you to becoming revolutionary solutionists. Seek solutions and “act” on them. There is a root to the problem the world encounters and it is the control of money. It is not the bankers, the political system, the mass media and the mega corporations. It is The Money System. If you seek real lasting change, you must root out the source of the problem. Do not waste your time attacking the symptons the system creates. Change the source of the problem to create the conditions you want. Do you want to see unalienable rights such as fresh water, air, freedom of speech, the right to assemble, uncensored media and affordable health care for all protected and flourishing? Demand change at the root of the problem. Act.

There are three kinds of people in this world to day. There are the bankers otherwise known as elites, mega corporations and oligarchs. There are the sheep which include most of the status quo that feels this problem doesn’t include them. I hope they wake up. Then there are the revolutionaries whom should become united and focused on the true source of the problem. Diversion, too many agendas and not a clear understanding of what is really going on; are all forces that operate against this revolution. What kind of person are you?

Here is what you can do whether you are present with the Occupy Wall Streeters or not. Spread the word. Let others know about this in your community and how it affects everyone. Reach out to celebrities, bloggers and other media outlets. Stop watching mainstream media. They do not have your interests at heart. They are owned and operated by the system. If viewership were to drop drastically it would put tons of ad sponsorship pressure on these outlets to begin coverage of this demonstration. Remove your money from the big banks and place it in your local credit union. This will protect your money and place pressure on new legislation for the banking system. Such as radical changes to the fractional reserve lending system which creates astronomically gross inflation. Occupy your homes. Stay. Get your local government involved. Write your representative of Congress. Get together petitions. A few honorable representatives speaking on the floor of Congress will grow the governments awareness.

Recognize your responsibility as a citizen of The United States of America. You are responsible for the conduct of your government. Choose your elected officials wisely not through mainstream smoke and mirrors. Demand transparency from your government. Become active.



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[-] 2 points by TabithaDean (17) 6 years ago

You have my vote. Thank you. That is clear and concise and I agree with you wholeheartedly. I can't say it any better. The current money system is corrupt and has been for a long time. This is occupying Wall Street is it not?! Narrowing the focus is essential. The Federal Reserve.must go. Now that we are occupying Wall Street, let's occupy the Federal Reserve!

As you said too, let's start boycotting the banks that were "too big to fail" and put our money into local credit unions. We the People hold the power, not the bankers and corporate oligarchy. Stop viewing mainstream media. Go to the Net. Come to this site and others like it. Let's start creating our own version of reality together and united as one.