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Forum Post: REVOLUTION 101

Posted 11 years ago on Sept. 27, 2011, 3:29 p.m. EST by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA
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"Therefore, our SECONDARY goal is designing a curriculum. Again, this does not involve us personally writing textbooks. Instead, it involves an understanding of our goals as an establishment, and the knowledge we need to reach that goal."

I am going to give it to you again. Very slow and simple.

This is how you put over a revolution in just under two years.

  1. Realize that your power is to know the truth.

  2. Accept the fact that you don't.

  3. REalize that everything you think you know is an amalgam of truth and crap used to program you stupid.

  4. Climb out of the box. With your actual right actions.

  5. First and foremost, go study formal logic.

  6. Then apply that knowledge inwardly to your own schema honestly and toss out your garbage.

  7. Because otherwise all anybody has is their ego trips and connections to dogma to share and not one whit or iota of this will ever make a difference or be even as much as remembered 10 years from now when civilization falls, people will only think of this so called "movement" and say

"why couldn't it have happened sooner, it might have saved us?" before they grimly die.

  1. I do not have time for all of the random BS i get from you people. I am sick and tired of carrying your crosses or trying to be polite to your ignorance. I don;t give a flying hoot any more if you think i'm arrogant or if you think i'm over the top. This is reality. You are all stuck in mental log jams and its more than likely that the one in a million chance you have of escaping it all is to listen to me and tune in to your opportunity to even have the pleasure of talking with me.

  2. I am aspie. I don't have a normal ego. I have a one tenth ego and a whole lot of stuff that is not subllimated for or to me. So don't tell me i am an egotist or imagine that you thinking that can excuse away whats true.

  3. I have a 180 IQ and i have 3000 textbooks and possess an Autodidactic knowledge equivalent to 20 PHDs. I am not here to argue with you people any more. From now on arguing with me will earn you being ignored by me, and that will suck, because then you won't be able to ask your one angel sent to help you out the 10 questions you'd otherwise be looking for god to answer.

  1. Now that we have cleared about me.

The process to have a revolution by is that you must now take your knowledge of logic and your newfound clarity and apply it directly in your own life to catch the heck up with me. None of you have any business out here trying to tell me what the solutions are or how it is. Your all patently frigging ignorant. And pretending in make believe. And following what you only hope wish, and have faith to believe in. Not knowledge. not science. It will take us all working for the first year together to even provide a real non propaganda education to everyone. All of the bickering can now stop its all between agents of ignorance over vapors and illusions. Ordo ab chao. All of the arguments you think you have are just nodes of the matrix and control mechanisms built to keep you busy fighting against each other instead of waking up.

  1. You can not put this off on PJ to do research for you. You can not put this off on Jaques to finally reveal his secret poker hand. This is on YOU. Its not on some generation to come. Its not on 10 years from now AFTER jaques finally builds his first demonstration city. And its not ALL on ME either. You people have to MAKE A NEW CHOICE. and that choice MUST be to become THE LEADERS by taking the TIME to go FIND REAL KNOWLEDGE 4 YOURSELF.
  1. If we do this together, it can be fun and even viral. And it can change the world more quickly and more profoundly than any other way. Because the TRUTH has POWER. not the kind most people think of.. esp not the anarchists or the people who want to "TEAR the system DOWN" Its not like that. Grow up PEOPLE. This is about what we build together; the work we do; the new and better paradigms we create which simply transcend the old ideas and hang ups and propaganda BS wars so fast that theres no democrat or republican who will ever again even hope to get elected. Change can happen VERY fast; but only if you understand HOW REAL CHANGE HAPPENS.
  1. There is no such thing as magic. there are only cheap tricks.
  1. There is no such thing as magick. only work on some level of reality.
  1. No happy little bell rings in some future moment. no big magic clock gongs sudden awakening. Only DOING THE WORK actually DOES THE WORK.
  1. You have t minus 8 years to change over from gas and coal and nuclear to geothermal power or due to assorted fatal systemic failures pretty much everyone dies. the infants now being born will not live to see adult hood; unless you stop the BS now and do exactly as i have told you.



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[-] 1 points by riethc (1149) 11 years ago

Some of my favorites from this post:

"I have a 180 IQ and i have 3000 textbooks and possess an Autodidactic knowledge equivalent to 20 PHDs. I am not here to argue with you people any more. From now on arguing with me will earn you being ignored by me, and that will suck, because then you won't be able to ask your one angel sent to help you out the 10 questions you'd otherwise be looking for god to answer."

"You have t minus 8 years to change over from gas and coal and nuclear to geothermal power or due to assorted fatal systemic failures pretty much everyone dies. the infants now being born will not live to see adult hood; unless you stop the BS now and do exactly as i have told you."

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 11 years ago

glad you read it. now bother to GET it.

[-] 1 points by riethc (1149) 11 years ago

And you support Obama, too. Wow

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 11 years ago

not any more i don't. thats ancient .

[-] 1 points by riethc (1149) 11 years ago

You don't?

"Obama cannot solve our educational Crisis alone. He is a brilliant politician, and a man of extraordinary vision and integrity."

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 11 years ago

that was written almost 4 years ago now. I think its fun to see how things evolve in my own position. I think it adds depth. I think its important to realize i have been saying many of those same other things all this time- and none of these people listened. My manner of :"support" was to try to feed the public dialogue the information it was missing. And its still true that as opposed to mccain, obama was a far better choice.

[-] 1 points by riethc (1149) 11 years ago

You may have wrote it four years ago, but you just posted it an hour ago in the comments section for this article.

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 11 years ago

yes. It has points which are prophetically relevant NOW.

[-] 1 points by MKittles (36) from Maralinga, SA 11 years ago

Lay off the amphetamines... you overdo the point. If you aren't on amphetamines, perhaps take some. I am serious. You're clearly throwing your mind and body at this "protest", but you're lacking clarity of expression.

By being presumptive about the assumptions others will make upon reading your posts, your discourse becomes disjoint and "crazy." You can do better.

Plus, claiming you have the knowledge equivalent of 20 pHDs simply discredits you. By the way, I noticed you didn't mention solar power. It is the future, whether you like it or not. The sun will be around for 600 million years.

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 11 years ago

you have silly ad homs for me. I don't do any kind of drugs. I'm not going to do any kind of drugs on your advice. I am far more clear in my expression than this entire so called "movement." And I DO have the knowledge of 20 phds. Whats so hard to imagine that? I think solar power is great. Its very low yield and is not a meaningful solution to our energy problems. Its great for mobility. We can spend 100 billion and solve the energy problem using geothermal for generations to come, or we can try to solve that problem using solar for merely a few quadrillion dollars. Its clear if you know the science- which i do- what technology is the true wave of the future- assuming there is one with humans involved.

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 11 years ago

you may ask me questions to determine if i am a polymath multi expert. You can look at my FB page. I prove every day i am a polymath multi expert. I prove it even just in the last hundred posts or so i have made on this site. Your skepticism on that front is thus pointless. Your not paying attention.

[-] 1 points by TribalElder (27) from Bloomington, IN 11 years ago

Absolutely, get the knowledge, know the truth and be objective so you will learn more.

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 11 years ago

http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_163532010364963&view=doc&id=169262663125231#!/home.php?sk=group_163532010364963&view=doc&id=165096780208486 V.I.I.R.


University Project First Steps


University Project Brainstorm


NICE University


Psychonautics Textbook


Socratic Method


Different Kinds of Geothermal Power


Common Myths and Misconceptions About Geothermal Power


Zero Carbon Cities


Energy cost Benefit Analysis


Applications In Practice and Theory for Arcologies


Mega Scale Engineering Criteria


main Problems Clusters


sugestions on how to proceed


WAR vs Economic Social Justice

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 11 years ago

and participate in all of this, i can't help but be struck by a simple irony, a sort of causal paradox, which i keep fighting, but in which i never seem to gain any traction. The words of Obama are very clear. We are the change we have been waiting for. Manufactured distractions that do nothing but divide us are then enemy. The issues are what is most important. And Obama does not pretend that he will solve all of these problems alone; It will require all of us. He says these things, but somehow it goes over most peoples heads. They repeatedly fail to realize what they are doing. How they are participating in these manufactured distractions. And what the alternative really is. I try and I try and I try to get people to talk about the issues; I might as well be screaming down a wind tunnel, or talking down a well. Nobodies really listening. Nobodies really getting it. I hear from one group or some other about what the "most important thing" is. And its hogwash.

Right here, right now, it is time for the world to wake up from history. It is time for us to collectively realize that Obama can only do as much as point the way. In the end, all of his promises and speeches will be as hollow as the pundits warn us of, if WE THE PEOPLE don't find our voices, and our collective courage, and the very real FOCUS to actually see ourselves not as fighters in an election, or supporters of a Candidate, But as the many who collectively face these real social problems, and the many who must face those problems together if they are ever to be resolved.

The politics of division, of fear, of confusion, and of propaganda warfare have programmed the public. The very best of us seem frighteningly unaware that our responsibility is not to sit passively, and listen, not to attack or counter attack, not to play the game which the propaganda warriors have created; a game rigged to their favor, with their rules and on their playing field.

We are collectively caught like a fly in a spider-web of the largest mass delusional hypnosis experiment in Galactic History. Instead of seeing ourselves as the problem, the problem solving process, and the only people who can be the true agents of change, we see ourselves as they would have us be; as pawns in their assorted propaganda board games.

Over and over and over again, I beg, i cajole, i put forth the request, i argue, and i plead; Let us together win this. Not by continuing the old game of politics, which will only end predictably in rigged elections and 1001 smear campaigns. But by changing the very core principles of what it means to carry on this dialogue. To see ourselves empowered as the problem solvers, who must change the very way we communicate, the very syntax and grammar of the body politic, and the political dialogue. It is not enough to stand behind Obama, or to fight for him, or, against some other. Down that road we have traveled a thousand times before; And down that road we will find as our best case scenario just another easy assassination, and a tragic end to a would be revolution.

As long as we continue to allow ourselves to believe that the change that must come hinges upon our leaders, our leaders will just be cut down and torn away from us. As long as we invest ourselves in the false idea that change starts with the guy at the top, we will be simply shucking off our responsibilities. As long as we play the same old game of politics, as long as we play the game of propaganda warfare, we are trapped inside of the mental cage which the elite corporate oligarchy has crafted for us. This false hierarchy in which we assume that our power can only come into focus given some external leader; not only does it not solve problems, but it places upon that leader or leaders an impossible burden which they cannot carry, and affords our enemies too easy of a simple target.

The true conversation has yet to even begin. The true revolution is not with guns or violence, and it is not about getting some politician or another elected. The true revolution is about us realizing that all of our problems are orders of magnitude to complicated for any one person to solve, and that the only real solutions must come from a collaborative and co creative problem solving process, which all of us participate in, not as followers of a cult of personality, but as co equal minds and hearts and voices rising up together and coming into phase, coming into synchronization, coming into dynamic harmony. The difference between a light bulb and a laser beam is that the photons from a light bulb bounce every direction off of each other and everything. A laser beam consists of the same energy, where all of that light is focused, in tune, and moving like a stream in the same direction. Like a light bulb, the collective dialogue can bring forth light and some illumination. It can feel warm, and it can give us hope and a sense of community and purpose. But it is not what is possible, and it is not what will be necessary in order to achieve real change.

The true revolution begins when we see each and every adult American as a store house of experiences and thus knowledge which is relevant to solving these problems. It happens when we realize that each of us is an untapped expert of our own experiences, a victim of a world created for the Rich against the poor, who has in a million ways experienced the realities of that failed human engineering experiment. When we suddenly achieve clarity over who we are, and where we are, and what each of us has in common. When we see that in truth, the solutions are with us, and have been with us for a very long time; It is only the chorus of voices of the propaganda warriors, the oligarchy and the corporate media which have created the illusion that we must be led if we are to evolve.

The True revolution begins when we realize that each of us should be authoring petitions built to become bills and legislation, when each of us looks at that platform, and those issues, and realizes that our collective human experience equips each of us to understand these problems, from the bottom up, rather than from he top down. That the problems of our society, being present all around us; are opaque only because we are programmed to see them that way; And that all any one of us has to do to begin to see the solution is to open our minds, and reach into our experience, and our feelings, and then connect that to knowledge and right action.

A good leader is a marvelous thing. And we are fortunate to have such a once in a lifetime opportunity to have such a brilliant, charismatic, and eloquent leader. But with or without him, the onus and burden for change still rests not on him, but with each of us. Obama knows and is telling us that the change we seek starts not with him, but with us. He can only serve us by reminding us that it is our responsibility to work to solve these problems. He can only serve us by pointing the direction, by having the lucidity and the clarity not to indulge in the mistakes of the old brand of politics.

Obama cannot solve our educational Crisis alone. He is a brilliant politician, and a man of extraordinary vision and integrity. But he is not a teacher, he is not an educator, and he does not have a degree in education reform. He does not know as most people do not know about learning styles, types of intelligence, or the real educational science which our civilization does now have which could if applied create a revolution in Education which most people now cannot even imagine. But I invite you to consider a possible world, only a few years away from us, where the new expectation for High School graduates is that they will be equipped with knowledge now equal to several College Doctorate degrees. THAT is REAL education reform. The evil and nonsensical "No child left behind" act isn't education reform, its teacher pay reform, designed to destroy public education in order to then privatize American Education. George Bush wants your childs education to be yet another wal mart consumer product. And if we do not stop this madness, we will get the best dumbed down idiocy cheapo gimmick hival drone programming that money can buy.

Obama cannot solve our Health Care Crisis alone. He is a brilliant politician, and a man of Extraordinary vision. But he is not a Doctor. He is not a nurse. He does not know the ins and outs of what things cost, and how to best organize the system to serve WE THE PEOPLE instead of corporate America and its insurance companies. The pundits and the evil trolls would argue that universal health care is a social program we can't afford. What they are either ignorant of, or, are evil participants in, is the simple truth that if the money we now spent on Health care went to health care, we would all have health care. But the money is instead spent making evil jerks Rich. Not Doctors; Insurance companies. Drug Companies. And even there, we have a terrible tragedy, because the real truth is that Corporate America has created a system whereby drugs are seen as the solution to everybodies problems so that a PRODUCT can thus BE SOLD. They KEEP PEOPLE SICK ON PURPOSE so that they will keep BUYING DRUGS. A tactic much more evil, but not much different than the simple truth of the light bulbs which are designed to burn out, rather than lasting over geological time.

Obama can not solve the assorted problems of Global Diplomacy alone. The real solutions require civil engineering and Sociology. We can bring about peace on earth. We have the technology, we have the money, we have the means. For the cost of the Iraq war, we could have ended Global poverty and thus all motivation towards terrorist acts. But only if depth level Civil Engineering and Sociology solutions are applied wisely. Obama does not have a degree in Sociology, or a degree in Civil Engineering. And so the best solutions that he will be able to come up with alone will be pale shadows compared to a solution that will actually solve the problems. Better by far than the current paradigm; but still only a paradigm; a work in progress.

Obama cannot solve our energy crisis alone. He is a brilliant Politician, and a man of extraordinary vision. But he does not have a degree in Physics or engineering. He does not know that we could quit oil completely cold turkey in under 4 years. He does not know that “biofuels” are not even slightly green. He does not know that merely increasing fuel efficiency is still playing with obsolete and archaic technologies. He does not know that geothermal power could provide for all of our energy needs; several times over. It will take somebody telling him that for him to learn it. And more, because of the noise and the distractions which even he is aware of as being the problem; I can't get that information to him by myself. I can't give Obama the solutions, alone. I can't steer him clear of all the assorted ways that corporate oligarchy is trying to cling to having something to sell, rather than fixing the problem and providing utterly clean, nearly free, and virtually eternal energy for everyone.

And this is the fatal flaw of capitalism. Solutions which don't make money don't get invested in. And in fact, solutions which don't make money are drowned out by floods of bad ideas and bad semi solutions which will only make these problems worse. Free Enterprise; on half of a precarious balance. On the other side of that balance lies social services which benefits WE THE PEOPLE. The problem is that the balance was lost, long ago, when evil bankers in essence bought the USA. The problem is a corporate media, which manages to dupe not only the public, but the elected representatives of the public. The problem is corporate oligarchy. The fortune 100,000. Those people who believe in keeping a top and a bottom, and a middle class. Those people who think it is fair to keep most of humanity as wage slaves in order to maintain their position of superiority and caste.

The most comical and ironic insult of Hillary; Calling Obama "Elitist." A woman seeking office based on essentially perpetuating a family dynasty; keeping the Country in the hands of the Royal Bloodlines. This is the true enemy of America. This is the true problem that is the root of all problems. Because were it not so, the real solutions which science provides us would have been implemented, and we would have had an end to global poverty, and an end to all wars, and an end to almost all crime, well over 50 years ago. And we would have transformed our economy to one based in ecologically sustainable practices when those technologies became available, 20 or 30 years ago.

The simple truth is that the Vampires, (the elites) want to have society as dysfunctional as possible. It is only by keeping society a mess that they can maintain their positions above the rest of us. In the world that is possible via true democracy, There would be no poor, and there would be no middle class. All of us would be able to live the lifestyle now afforded to the upper middle class. In the world that was possible decades ago, Children could have been given educations inclusive of easily ten times more information, Healthcare could have become universal, We could have quit polluting our environment, and we could have quit cutting down trees and destroying entire ecologies.

The solutions are with us. The Republicans want us to be fooled. They want us to believe in a world of scarcity, a world of conflict, a world of strife. They want us to believe that our collective suffering is just the way that things have to be; and that there is no alternative that will work. And short of stymie-ing us there, they want us to play forever a game of tit for tat propaganda, so that the masses never know or hear about the solutions that exist.

But I am not asking you to take my word for any of this. I am asking for a new, transcendent and transformative approach to being a member of a democratic society, in which we all of us take responsibility to become researchers, problem solvers, legislation writers, and diplomatic Communicators. I am asking you to drop all of the things you THINK are important, and realize that if we stop the madness, we can create a change, and a new society, based on cooperation instead of competition, love instead of fear, charity instead of greed,. compassion instead of indifference, truth instead of lies and propaganda, and science fact instead of science propaganda.

The truth is out there. All you have to do is look. And the place to start isn't outside of you; its within.