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Forum Post: RESGA RES-GA ELEVEN, LLC Rialto Lennar are profiting at our expense!

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 31, 2013, 12:38 p.m. EST by LibertyNow (10)
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Lennar stopped home-building after sticking us with billions of dollars in upside-down mortgages then paid off politicians to get a sweetheart deal with the FDIC where they are able to take over their competitors, steal land, and destroy the communities they attack prolonging the recession while making billions of dollars using our tax money! They proudly mention in their quarterly reports that their Rialto Capital division (collections agency) is making them substantial profit. Look at the executive compensation. For what? For sticking it to the taxpayer both coming and going. These guys are the 1%!!!





res-ga, resga

res-ga eleven, llc, res–ga mills Cove, llc and res-ga Cobblestone, llc are Florida limited liability companies, whose sole member is Multibank 2009–1 res-adc venture, llc.

(A) Multibank 2009–1 res–adc Venture, llc is a Delaware limited liability company, comprised of two members: rl res 2009–1 investments, llc(manager) and the FDIC.

(1) rl res 2009–1 Investments, llc is a Delaware limited liability company comprised of only two members: rl res 2009–1, llc and Lennar Distressed Investments, llc.

(a) rl res 2009–1, llc is a Delaware limited liability company whose sole member is Rialto Capital Holdings, llc a Delaware limited liability company.

(i) Rialto Capital Holdings, llc is a Delaware limited liability company whose sole member is Rialto Capital Management, llc. (rcm is Member/Manager of rca)

(A) Rialto Capital Management, llc is a Delaware limited liability company whose sole member is Jeffrey Krasnoff, a Florida citizen.

(b) Lennar Distressed Investments, llc is a Delaware limited liability company whose sole member is Lennar Corporation.

(i) Lennar Corporation is a Delaware corporation with its principal place of business in Florida.

(2) The FDIC is a federally chartered corporation



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[-] 1 points by LibertyNow (10) 6 years ago

For those tenants that have received illegal eviction notices from these people they do that under the guise of "WEGO Property Management".


[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

I hate to tell you, but EVERYBODY profits at our expense.


[-] -1 points by LibertyNow (10) 6 years ago

Yes I agree man what they are doing is I think unconstitutional. But they've actually started some hearings in Congress regarding this one. But it looks like it's fallen by the wayside due to lack of publicity. Not short/simple enough for a MSM soundbite. Crazy thing is that the OIG was ordered to investigate and they came back with a three page executive summary that says everything looks fine but that they cannot release the full report because it contains "sensitive information":


"Everything's fine here. Move along...." What happened to full transparency in our government??? Smells pretty fishy to me.