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Forum Post: Reruns!Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 4 Free Vinny Online

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 27, 2012, 8:25 a.m. EST by okadingz (0)
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Reruns!Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 4 Free Vinny Online

Jersey Shore time!

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Danny comes to the house to inform the roommates the deal is to have eight people in the house and to work at the Shore Store. He has been displeased with their work ethic. Vinny went home and Mike has disappeared and is pretty useless even when he’s around. He announces that he’s looking for more people and the cast needs to make room for new roommates. Snooki complains that they don’t have any room in the house but that doesn’t seem to phase the boss. Danny says he’s looking for a big effort at work due to the busy season. Snooki is dead set against new roommates and isn’t afraid to kick people to hold onto her turf.

Mike emerges from wherever he’s been and gets the news they are looking for new roommates. Mike is upset and tells Snooki and Deana that he’s been having a tough time around his birthday. He explains to the camera that he isolates himself to see if anyone goes “that extra mile” for his birthday.

He’s like that guy that says he doesn’t want to go to the party just because he wants you to beg him.

Mike says Cancers are sensitive people. Snooki laments to the camera that while Mike is complaining, he has no idea they are throwing a big surprise party for him and Pauly. They ask him not to “dip off anymore” – it’s against GTL code.

Pauly, Deena and Snooki are off to work early the next morning and are well rested for a big day. They are all ready to make sales because they just don’t want another roommate.

Pauly wasn’t expecting much effort from the Meatballs but is surprised they are pulling their weight today. However, he wonders how long that effort will last.

Back at the house, the girls call Vinny to see if he is going to come to the surprise party but he declines because he’s working on getting better. Deena, Snooki and Sammi beg him to come back but he’s not ready and they are getting the feeling he won’t come back at all.

Apparently the Meatballs cannot walk with “swag”. You’re just born with it, according to Pauly.

The girls go to Karma to start setting up for the surprise party which will include strippers. There they get a crash course on how creepy a stripper’s handler actually is. The handler, or ‘the Wiz’, is very interested in how much bodily harm the strippers should inflict.

A day after Danny dropped the hammer for their work ethic, Mike and Ronnie are running late for work. Danny starts posting ‘help wanted – see manager’ signs all over the store, because that’s exactly how the original cast was chosen, right? In a weak economy, the Shore Store is a job creator.

And the candidates start pouring in! Two girls inquire about the job, and while they probably didn’t make it past MTV casting, Ronnie thinks one of them was cute if she’d lose the Michael Jackson fedora.

When Jenni sees the help wanted sign, she immediately rips it down but Danny is persistent. He makes Jenni make a new sign, but Mike suggests to add ‘see the old dude’.

They say they’re not comfortable bringing in a new roommate that hasn’t been through the reality show ringer like the rest of them.

The Meatballs go to the party store for party favors and balloons but make the ultimate impulse buy – a bunny costume – to boost house morale and satisfy their furry fetish.

Excitement for the surprise party is building and Mike and Pauly have no idea what’s about to go down.

When the group walks into Karma, Mike and Pauly are surprised by their friends and loved ones for the second time this season. The usually paranoid Mike said he had no idea, while Pauly is getting his second birthday party in a week. Each guy got his own cake in the shape of specific female anatomy. If that isn’t friendship, I don’t know what is.

All the stress was worth it, according to Snooki. She even hugs and exchanges ‘love you’s with Mike, her mortal enemy since Italy.

Mike is touched by the gesture.

Shots, balloons, wheelchairs and handcuffs follow in that order. Two giant paper mache cakes are wheeled out containing two slender, half-naked women.

Mike is touched by the stripper.

Soon after, Mike is bringing home one of the dancers to his newly cleaned room while Pauly has met a DTF brunette. But Mike’s fortunes surprisingly take a turn due to mismatched socks. His girl asks for a pair of socks to wear, which baffles Mike since he plans on getting it in sans clothes. Her criticism of his sock selection turns him off and he decides to call it a night. You just don’t make fun of a man for having holes in his tube socks.

Late night at the house and Deena and Ronnie are still sad about Vinny. Their phone call goes to Vinny’s voicemail and the reality is sinking in that Vinny may not come back.

The next morning, Snooki and Deena break out the bunny costume to scare Jenni. It works.

And then…couples night! Even Mike and Deena bring dates to Bamboo. The bar is packed and before you know it, there is chaos on the floor. Sammi gets into a knockdown, drag out brawl with a girl that grabbed her weave – you just don’t yank a girl’s weave! Apparently, this girl didn’t watch season 3 and her fight with Jenni, because Sammi definitely holds her own. She gets kicked out and the rest of the gang goes with her.

Mike performs his cologne ritual on his bed and undercarriage before getting it in with lady friend Paula, while Deena’s attempt to ‘do sex’ is continuously interrupted by her alarm clock.

For the first time on the show, Mike is showing actual feelings for one of the girls he brings home. He says Paula might get a second date. Snooki approves of Paula as a mate for Mike due to their insanity and her hotness.

Determined to pull himself out of his Vinny-induced funk, Pauly decides to lead the gang to Staten Island to kidnap his best friend and bring him back to Seaside. First stop is the Shore Store to make t-shirts with Vinny’s sayings showing their solidarity – ‘Vinning All Day’, ‘Free Vinny’, etc.

It’s GTGVB. Gym, Tan, Get Vinny Back.

On arrival, the roommates storm his house like an episode of Cops looking for a perp. While still not 100 percent, once Vinny sees his friends, that’s all he needs to come back.

Also, Vinny has been busy in the one week that he’s been gone. He got a large tattoo across his chest – Let Go, Let God – which looks good but confuses the roommates as to its meaning.

Vinny’s first order of business back at the shore: getting it in.

Now that Vinny is back with the group, everything is peaches, Snooki says. The guys and girls drive back to Seaside mooning each other along the way.

Next week: Snooki has a UTI and the bunny costume returns to accost everyone. Also, Mike is acting overly friendly but seems to have an ulterior motive.



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