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Forum Post: Repugnacans are the Separate and make Unequal Party, Democrats the Don't Hurt Me party

Posted 8 years ago on July 15, 2012, 7:08 p.m. EST by matoinyanawacis (157)
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Another good point.. which is why "I" do not identify myself with either party... "I" identify myself as "American". I may agree with many different concepts and policies brought forth by both sides presently in control of our government on occasion.. But... over the last decade up to now there is little to nothing I "TRUST" coming from the repugnacan party... their agenda is so prevalent and obvious, that you literally have to be blind, deaf, dumb "&" mute to not understand the motivations behind their actions.. They are nothing more than paid whores, trained lapdogs, cowering sychophants of the 1% and corporations. "I KNOW" who owns my government and has literally been dictating the policies and legislation that have been ruining life after life in our once progressive nation. The dichotomy of the repugnacan message is staggering to behold... jobs being lost to technology (never mentioning those jobs and tech being located at low...low...low...low wage sites overseas) is nothing more than progress, however any progress that deals with improving the social welfare and living standards of our nations citizens is class warfare and government handouts... Nevermind, the repugnacans greatest and LARGEST welfare check handed out is not to any American citizen but to their corporate masters...Big Oil. America has no right to claim any moral high ground until and unless it deals fairly with all of its citizens. If a citizen pays 30% income tax, then so does a corporation and rich 1%er. ANYTHING less is deliberate intent to prove unequal representation and treatment in our society. My final observation is NO ONE has the right to own land! You may own the house you "built"...BUT no one but the Creator "built" the land... the land belongs to ALL who live upon her breast. That concept is the one thing hardest for the rich to accept. Greed is not good. Power is only good when it is used to help others, not one's self. When people start to understand how life WAS meant to be, equality and quality of life will once again rise to flourish for all.



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