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Forum Post: Remove money from politics.

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 24, 2011, 5:47 p.m. EST by 8472ofborg (100) from Bruce, SD
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How to we do it?



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[-] 1 points by 8472ofborg (100) from Bruce, SD 6 years ago

I like the rebate system of $11 per vote :P

[-] 1 points by StevenRoyal (490) from Dania Beach, FL 6 years ago

Campaign Finance Reform, Part 9

[-] 0 points by Trlstanc (3) 6 years ago

Step 1: Go out and raise support for Buddy Roemer, he's a fairly moderate republican running for president that hasn't gotten a lot of attention yet, but he's only accepting $100 donations from individuals, not accepting any special interest of corporate money and is disclosing all donors.

Step 2. Roemer starts to poll high enough (generally in the 1-4% range) to be included in the Republican Primary debates, he's currently the only person talking about campaign finance reform, and right now is the only legitimate choice for people that want to get the money out of politics.

Step 3. The other candidates - democrat and republican - at least have to address the issue if Roemer is going to keep bringing it up in debates.

Step 4. Vote for Buddy Roemer - everyone else is running a huge fund raising machine, and unless someone else enters the race at this point with a promise to not take special interest money Roemer is the only candidate supporting this issue.

Step 5. Who knows if Roemer will get enough support to win the republican primary, but even if he doesn't at least he'll be an advocate for this issue.

Step 6. If he does manage to get enough support to be the republican candidate I'll vote for him, even though I've vote democrat/independent in virtually every other election. If he's the only one that's willing to tackle the problem of campaign finance then I'm willing to give him a pass on the rest of his policies if that means we'll get someone in washington that wants to reform the system.

Step 7. Roemer probably doesn't win, but if he at least gets a respectable percentage in the primary and/or general election that will show other people that there's support there to run on a platform of campaign finance reform, and maybe next election we'll have more than one candidate running to get the money out of washington.

[-] 0 points by kingearl (141) 6 years ago

Impossible, Obamas 2012 Re-election finance director is the son of Bank Of Americas former CEO, Chad Gifford....One of the guys who got us into this mess....Keeping it all in the Family???

[-] 2 points by 8472ofborg (100) from Bruce, SD 6 years ago

The question was how do we do it, not what kind of shitty state are we in. Because really, that is what this is all about.

[-] 1 points by kingearl (141) 6 years ago

I understand, but we have to be aware of the corruption is limitless and the Bankers who got us into this economical mess still have their greedy hands in it, right at the top.

[-] 1 points by 8472ofborg (100) from Bruce, SD 6 years ago

yeah...that is mostly understood by everybody...how do we fix it?