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Forum Post: Rejuvenating The Past

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 17, 2011, 3:27 p.m. EST by HigherGround (0)
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I am but some simple pee in this exsistence that is humanity, but can we not take the things we have learned from the past and impose them in a nature that makes sense today. We have this problem where whoever gets elected into congress gets corrupted by these giants Corperations, and they pass these laws that benefit them and their interests. All we get to do as a mass population of people is choose these select group to act as those incharge and rule us. The idea of a Direct Democracy has been around for thousands of years yet, when we are the most connected exsistence of humanity ever, we still have things that get kept down and out of the view of the public? How can less than 1000 people rule over 300,000,000. That is never going to work. Why not impose a system where we do elect a select few 1000 people to compose these laws for us, and use the invention that connects us the most...THE INTERNET. Why can't ever American citizen log on to a website and vote for these laws that are coming out of Congress. When this country was created it was a time when mass travel and communication wasn't and they choose a representative form of democracy. Why can't we vote on people that come up with the ideas for laws and put them together and once they have been approved by congress...WE GET ON THE INTERNET AND VOTE ON IT. Every person could vote on every bill that has gone through congress in the last 10 years. Why we havent done this sooner I don't know. After the people vote on the bill if it passes then the president can approve it, and enforce it etc etc; and if it doesn't then it can just go back to congress. Everyone with the right to vote could log onto a website and prove who they are and vote on the laws, the presidents, anything that needed to be at that time being. This gives everyone a voice. This gives us all a chance to put how we feel out there and make a diffrenece. Im just a small cell in a giant organism but hopefully this can spark a idea in someones mind that can hopefully get people in the sense of humanity to become one again.



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