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Forum Post: Refocus in order?

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 7, 2011, 1:55 p.m. EST by RosytheRiveted (0)
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I've watched from the outskirts for a while now and it seems as though this movement is losing a bit of steam, so I'd like to offer some thoughts for consideration.

The strength of this movement in my eyes is it's ability to mobilize citizens.

In my opinion, it is this strength that needs to be redirected to a more macro-level problem. Yes - macro level. What could be more "macro" than our economic system you ask? Well I'll tell you ...

The Media.

Is wll-street greedy? Of course. Are they ruining America? Of course.

The question you should be asking is HOW are they doing it?

Media control is fundamental to their success. EVERYTHING is controlled by economic interest in this country, occupy members already know this but follow this logic ...

(1) "free-market" allows for the most profit

(2) free market practices are dangerous because little things like feeding and clothing your workers, research to ensure product safety and prudent use of debt all COST MONEY - which ultimately reduces profit

(3) government, in the past and in theory, should protect it's citizens against these practices without crushing the incentive benefits of competition.

(4) government accomplishes this objective by creating laws

(5) for a while, government was able to project us - although maybe not exactly as we would like - but over all. Planes stopped falling out of the sky, children stopped being exploited, employers had to think about what their workers were breathing, bad drugs stopped killing people. So it was all good.

(6) capitalism, by it's very nature, allowed for a lot of economic power to be collected by a few people - over the course of generations

(7) these people realized that government was actually preventing them from making huge sums of money - notice I didn't say profit generally, but HUGE sums

(8) they tried to advance their cause by fighting with politicians and through other acceptable, legal and straightforward means

(9) that didn't work

(10) so they had to resort to other methods

(11) some genius thought, "how about trying to control politicians that make the laws that hurt us?" Eureka! What a break through

(12) some progress was made - laws were repealed (see GW Bush administration) but ...

(13) damn that semi-democratic system of America - the people they were exploiting said - WAIT - you're out!

(14) problem is, the powerful few mention above knew that would happen

(15) over the course of the last 20 years they figured out that the way to actually succeed is to trick the lower classes into believing the powerful SHOULD be over them

(16) they did this by stripping the educational system - ignorant people are FAR easier to confuse and swindle

(17) they also did this by controlling the media (thanks Fox)

Now we come to the crux of the problem. Everything that comes from mainstream media is being control the the powerful people who can AFFORD to buy them. By owning the media outlets they control all news. So now, instead of knowing about a shady congressional deal that created the economic crisis we get trumped up nationalism (WMD that didn't exist) or some other type of scandal to entertain the masses.

So OccupyWallStreet - how about we take our eyes of the financial industry problem and focus on how they are able to continue swindling us? Can someone PLEASE try to get more awareness out there about how the media is assisting not just wallstreet but a host of other extremely wealthy, powerful and calculating individuals fleece the world?



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