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Forum Post: Real unemployment rate is 11.4% Numbers are fudged each Month

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 6, 2012, 5:15 p.m. EST by DanD (2)
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[-] 1 points by vats (107) 6 years ago

the governmnet is under corporate influence , so all these figures manipulated to suit corporates intrests thats all

[-] 1 points by wigger (-48) 6 years ago

Yes, there will be astounding lies from the administration as the election approaches and even more from their media lapdogs.

[-] 1 points by merkozy (12) from New York, NY 6 years ago

I agree. u may see the approaching storm and think, 'Wow! This is the biggest storm ever!' But ask a veteran storm chaser and he could tell you that isn't technically a storm yet. I have closely followed the tall recovery tales for almost 4 years now and what continues to surprise me is how short our collective memory is. I can tell you I have heard these stories before. Tales of some blessed man or woman taking sight of the Land of Milk 'n Honey, even as it remains Sinai Desert as far as the eye could see. Mark my words: within the next few weeks/months there will be another single statistic sweeping us off our pedestal. I will come back on this forum to commisserate with fellow 99%ers. This latest news about a recovery is further confirmation that the world has finally seen the point of Saint Jude, the Patron Saint of Lost Causes...


[-] 0 points by DanD (2) 6 years ago

You are correct and this has been brewing for a long time. This year as you say we will see another down turn and it is not going to be the brunt of the storm but it is going to really shake us.

[-] 0 points by DanD (2) 6 years ago