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Forum Post: Ready for American Spring? Occupy The IRS!

Posted 8 years ago on March 28, 2012, 12:58 a.m. EST by OccupyTheIRS (1)
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Occupy the IRS is a populist protest against tax breaks that have continually allowed the richest 1% of Americans to not pay their fair share into the treasury. Description Join us this Tax Day, April 15, 2012, to assemble at IRS offices across the country and protest the continuation of tax cuts for the richest among us. We are a populist movement angry about the disproportionately low tax rate on the wealthy in this country and the Federal government "chickening out" on asking the rich to assist in the lowering of the deficit. The federal deficit and debt have reached truly absurd levels and should no longer be tolerated by hard working Americans to be passed down to our children and grandchildren. Our country is badly beaten from economic hardship created by the 1%, and now more than ever treasury funds are needed to revive our economy!

All are asked to come, rain or shine, and to bring chicken related protest props, masks, signs, suits and recordings to signify the federal government "chickening out" on ending the Bush-era tax cuts and caving in to the wealthy. Anyone wishing to engage in disruptive or un-peaceful demonstration are asked to stay home. Note that not all IRS offices may have ongoing protests on tax day, please use the organizing power of Facebook and other sites to spread the word and organize individual protests outside of offices across the country.

United we stand. Expect us!


List of local IRS offices:


Please sign the petition and like! Rain or shine, see you there!

Please message or connect with other supporters using the link.



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