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Forum Post: read A.S.A.P/ PRESENCE IN D.C GOOD..petition of right

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 3, 2011, 9:36 a.m. EST by CatRamtSitarnasswip (1)
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IN 1683 NEW YORK was denied its charter of liberties asit may prejustice supreme law of english parliament and general colonial legislation,the laws. this is a deny of your petition of right absolute liberty a restraint upon the colonists laws justice trott selected 126 laws made by colonists in colonial states,these politicians have forgotten the founding laws in power,they do what we want,not there own laws,policies......in 1646 robert child discontented with colonial authority got his law into power they all used magna carter petition of right law......without petition of right government serves its own interests only...the colonial legislation part of workings of early u.s government...........................So you see like robert child in 1646 if your opinion is right to god they must act upon your demands and change the whole economic system ....all this stuff is still law....like the 62 men who had common greviences the petion of right was used the declaration of.independece. the ncw.edu/mstevens/lecture/410 redress of grievences a expansive clause to demand government to do something....this means to correct there abusive laws and policy's as we or one person wants...any number of men!



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