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Forum Post: Re: Is there a reform agenda?

Posted 5 years ago on Dec. 23, 2012, 6:41 p.m. EST by ryan83320 (2)
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The globalized world runs on excessive credit with the World Economic Forum estimating that Global Credit Stocks will be around 183% if global GDP or $ US 158 trillion by 2015,

Whilst Republicans in the US want more deregulated wages and leaner government, they cheer on the Shadow Banking System as the key profit-maker for the 1%.

What has really changed since the worst days of the GFC?

From this Casino Capitalism, a little trickles out in Foreign Direct Investment predominantly to countries which support the Wall Street Financial System by offering the best deal for investors.

This amounts currently to about 12% of global capital stock.

Ironically, the 1% in the US can dictate to a newly re-elected President who must seriously consider cuts to essential welfare and health services.

So what are the alternatives to the regime favoured by the Wall Street System?

The best years for the US and most other Developed Countries were prior to the demise of the Bretton-Woods System in the Kennedy Era.

How do we go forward under a quite totalitarian financial regime in 2013?




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