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Forum Post: Re: Federal Reserve Global Phonecast Tonight 11/9/11 at 7pm

Posted 7 years ago on Nov. 9, 2011, 6:42 p.m. EST by davideasternsun (4)
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Excellent...now we're getting somewhere...look to the origin of the FED and central banks in general...a great book on the subject is G. Edward Griffin's Creature From Jekyll Island...his brief video on the subject can be found here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6507136891691870450 Review from Amazon: "Think you know anything about the dollar bills in your wallet? Think you know who runs this country? Think that we live in a "free market" economy? Think again. Griffin piles up facts and analyzes them with relentless, cold logic. The picture he paints isn't pretty. The Federal Reserve System is a legal cartel expressly designed to create riskless profits for member banks, while simultaneously turning our entire financial system into the legal and moral equivalent of a Las Vegas casino. Yeah, you might get lucky for a while, but the house will always win. Our monetary system is a pyramid scheme that only functions as long as debt is being created at an accelerating rate. This all sounds crazy, but Griffin has the facts to back it up. The challenging part about Griffin's arguments is that he explicitly states that the foundation and perpetuation of the Federal Reserve System was a conspiracy. Whenever the "C"-word is mentioned, it is an unfortunate truth that many people get turned off. But as Griffith himself says, if a group of people, operating in secret, create a system that explicitly benefits themselves at the expense of others, what else can you call it but conspiracy? Heck, I guess you could call it a "peanut" or a "canteloupe" but it would still add up to the same thing--a system expressly designed to reward failure and punish diligence and honesty. Kinda explains all the crookedness and incompetence behind all the wall street and corporate shenanigans of the last decade, doesn't it? And if you keep an open mind and pay close attention to his arguments, you'll see that the best place to hide a conspiracy is in plain sight. If you care about free markets, and your constitutional rights, you will read this book today."



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