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Forum Post: Rats invented the way to violate the Constitution. As a result I will die soon.

Posted 12 years ago on July 10, 2012, 11:34 a.m. EST by HES (5) from New York, NY
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The real story worth tens discourses. Here is the story, how the greediness of a 1% and its servants will kill me soon. I mean literally kill. I will die neither due to act of God, nor due to punishment for killing other people.

I will be killed because a rat anticipates to make extra couple hundred thousand dollars on my extermination. It is able to do that because they invented the way to avoid the Constitution (Amendment VII), which guarantees the right for the court.

The invention is: If it wants something and you disagree, it does the following:

  1. First it find a psychiatrist who will say, that you are an idiot.
  2. Then the court in your absence assigns somebody, who should represent you. Theoretically, that one has to fight for your interests, but they have their own interests, and agenda. It is not guaranteed, that they will fight for you against the wealthy rat.
  3. As a result the judge hears just one side - the rat's side. Your "representative", is totally helpless, intentionally or unintentionally. The decision is predicted.

Voila. The illusion of the court exists, but there is no real court. You have no way to use your constitutional rights.

(Disclaimer: It is my first post here, so I read rules before posting. It is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact, which happen with me. And the technique behind is seen clearly. I do not know facts that this technique was used somewhere else. But even it was not used yet - it definitely will be.)

Good for me, I have proofs that I am not an idiot, because I was and am cured of depression by a Board certified psychiatrist for years before that, and he wrote a letter about my full mental capability. But my "attorney" hided it from the court. That is the quote from the statement by my psychiatrist: "I was shocked by the results of this evaluation."

Now, a little bit more about myself and my case. I am a disabled senior, and I am about to be evicted on July 20th. My health conditions are so, that I will die soon after eviction. The other hazard is that I got enslaved - enslaved partially now, and may be enslaved totally soon. My eviction is my personal problem, my enslaving is a personal and public problem, but both of them, as well as my inevitable instant death are results of the same violation of the Bill of Rights - my rights to be heard by the court were eliminated. That is the public problem of the highest priority.

If it is allowed to violate the Constitution, there is no any Law in America anymore. The state's existence is based on the Constitution. Laws are based on the Constitution. Any authority is based on the Constitution. Courts existence and power is based on - yes, you got it - on Constitution.

Without Constitution laws do not exist, judges do not exist, the United States of America does not exist. Just jungles exist. With Neanderthals inside.

I have a lot to tell about particular details of the case, but usually it leads away from the main point and makes the case extremely complex so nobody can understand it. The main and simple point is the violation of Constitution. So let us try to restore the Constitution first.

I need an attorney, who will present the Constitutional case in courts. After the Constitution will be restored, other cases should be presented. All supporting documents are available. But these are details for an attorney.

And the bottom line is very simple. Hey, I do not want to die! I do not want a rat to crunch me.



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[-] 2 points by captcha42 (54) 12 years ago

This is a disgusting injustice. We shouldn't allow this evil to continue. Unfortunuately many of our leaders are evil. Look at our capitol. Infested with occultic and satanic symbols. Pentagram baphomet symbols everywhere, the pentagon itself. The nation was created with an occultic "13" states intentionally. '13" stripes on our flag, with pentagram stars. The dollar is printed with an occultic "13" step pyramid with the satanic eye of horus on top of it. With the motto "in God we trust". Not the same "god" you're thinking of. Our top corporate and political leaders: Nixson, Clinton, Carter, Reagan and many more have attended bohemian grove an event that is famous for it's satanic rituals

All this evil. That's why our justice system will allow your injustice to happen.

[-] 2 points by CarlosFenito (36) 12 years ago

Please contact user "Bensdad", he's a lawyer and may be able to help.

[-] 2 points by know1 (210) 12 years ago

Can u give give more facts. What is happining.

[-] 2 points by HES (5) from New York, NY 12 years ago

Sure, I live in New York City. I had a dispute with my landlord. Landlord went to court. I expected and wanted it, because the court could resolve the dispute. If I win - I will win, If not - it will cost me couple hundred dollars. That is it. But I underestimate the ill will of a new landlord, who bought the Manhattan building to remove it from the State sponsored program. Its real goal in court was not to get the disputed money, but to vacate my apartment and sell it. So it moved the case from a minor problem to a big trouble. And the major milestone on that way was to make me silent. So it used the technique, which I mentioned in the initial post. That allows the judge to make the decision to evict me. The whole stuff is highly complicated. So people usually get confused when asking me what happen.

While the bottom line is simple. And it is of high public concern.



This happen in my case. Fortunately I can proof my capabilities. Not everyone may be so "lucky". That is my information for the People.

(As my life is in danger, I suggest that I have right to ask for legal help using this public forum.)



[-] 1 points by HES (5) from New York, NY 12 years ago

Here is an additional point of public interest to the case. It is not about the Constitution, but how the rat plans to steal taxpayers' - yours - money.

Currently, the building is under the State sponsored program (called Mitchell-Lama). The program is: The State gives substantials tax benefits to the landlord. The landlord follows the State designed rules, which give tenants extra protection.

Now the landlord is in process of leaving the program. (That is why it wants to vacate my apartment and sell it at market price, even by killing me, if necessary) The transition is about to be complete. Yes, it is owner's choice and right. But the rat wants to keep its tax benefits. My question is: Why?

The general logic says: you go out - you loose your benefits.

The financial logic says: The State reportedly lacks of money, so it is forced to cut many important programs. Why it should loose money, giving somebody unearned tax benefits?

The Rightist logic says: Businesses should compete in the free market environment, which is equal for every participant. Why the State should put somebody in better position than others by reducing its taxes.

The Leftist logic says: The landlord deprives tenants of their social protection. Why should it get public money, as it was when tenants were protected.

The legal logic says: According to DNAinfo.com, New York (Aug. 10, 2010) [http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20100810/downtown/judge-affirms-support-for-tenant-downtown-rentstabilization-case], judge Scheckowitz in his decision (the case "37 Wall Street", Aug. 4, 2010) wrote “It is unfair for an owner to receive [tax] benefits which reduce operating cost and not, conversely, provide some benefit to the tenants as well”

There are some promises from the landlord to implement some benefits, but they are unclear and most of them are TBD, while tax benefits are very certain and clear. My case shows clearly how the landlord acts in reality.

And finally, the most abused, humanitarian logic asks: Is it ethical to award the murderer?

The only logic, working here, is: Unlimited, MINDLESS greediness of 1% with assistance of government. That is the mother of The Crisis, which eventually destroy the whole America (and, BTW, the 1% too), if it will not be stopped by the majority of 99% and by the wise part of the 1% and the Government. It is our country and all 100% will loose. Even burial services.

I will die much earlier if the rat will not be stopped. Can you help to stop my particular rat?