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Forum Post: Quit Feeding The Corporate Monster

Posted 4 years ago on July 24, 2013, 7:53 p.m. EST by LordErb (-15)
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In 2013 people worldwide have been in the streets protesting. What have they achieved? Not much just a change of leaders who are seduced by the corporate conglomerates and things remain the same. I ask you this; if that same amount of people quit buying in protest, what happens to the top 1% that has enslaved the planet? Their free ride ends. They have the choice of becoming like the average person or change. What do you believe they would do? By doing this we use their #1 driving force against them, GREED! I know that people believe that the world runs on money, it doesn't. It runs on people. People brainwashed and propagandized to make them addicted to the crap they feed us. We buy their crap, believe their lies, make decisions from the fears they created. It's clear to me that a protest of this kind would insight them to act irrationally and try to scare people back to the consumerism that got here in the first place. Maybe even create another nightmare like 911 to try to regain control. But if people would stick it out, show them that it's "WE THE PEOPLE" not "WE THE ENSLAVED", the balance of power would shift back to the people. Then in 50 years those people would have to fight again to gain their freedom. Right now it's time to fight for ours!



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[-] 2 points by Builder (4202) 4 years ago

Trade sanctions work. Truth in labelling works. Stop buying their crap.



[-] 1 points by trashyharry (3082) from Waterville, NY 4 years ago

LordE,you don't refer to any of the problems involved with trying to reduce or eliminate cash payments to Corporate Entities.Are you yourself trying to do that?I ask,because if you were,you would soon discover that it is actually impossible to eliminate all circumstances of making direct cash payments to Corporate Entities.For one example:in my local area,the cable monopoly is owned by Time Warner.For cable tv or internet,there is no other choice.The service they offer is absolutely terrible.The customer service is terrible.The internet service they offer is reliable but VERY slow.And a package including tv,internet and wireless service is straight up unaffordable to most people in this locality,where a paltry income of 32k before taxes is considered the top of the heap.The only recourse we really have is to cut back our service to internet only.As soon as alot of people started doing that,they started charging a rental charge on our modems,and requests for modems to buy have been met with "the equipment is unavailable for purchase at the present time."Also,consider Walmart.Almost all of the small retail stores in our area have closed at this point.It requires a great deal of time and gasoline to avoid all spending at Walmart.We can reduce our spending at Walmart but the day-to-day reality of life is,there is no way to totally cut them off.Would you like to eat at a non Corporate restaurant?Be prepared to drive around all over the place looking for an actual family owned and run restaurant.There are still a few left,but there is an Applebee's-Red Lobster-KFC-McDickwad-Wendy etc.everywhere you look in our town.Sometimes we are on the move and must either patronize these disgusting establishments,or starve because you can't always carry food around with you.Cellphones?Let's not even go there...


[-] 1 points by LordErb (-15) 4 years ago

Harry, I completely agree, but all great movements have to start somewhere. I realize that people cannot completely stop everything at once. But I ask you this, as a average person you are already use to doing without. THERE NOT! I am proposing just buy exactly what you NEED, that alone on a large scale will make them feel it.