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Forum Post: Quit being manipulated by media propaganda

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 3, 2011, 5:23 p.m. EST by stevemiller (1062)
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Green Party could win a landslide in 2012

Remember Gore lost in FL when Nader took enough votes to make it close for Bush. This time if there is a group of prominent, intelligent candidates on the ballot in all 435 district on the Green Party ballot 80% of the Democrats would freak because they would know that the Republican candidates would beat the Democrats. They would need to decide to prevent the Republican win they would have to vote for the Green Party candidates. Independents would finally be independent and quit voting for the CRIME FAMILY.

The group with the best name recognition to nominate are retired NFL, NBA, and MLB ball players. A majority are blacks who are Democrats. Imagine a brilliant guy like Jimmy Brown, or Bill Russell, or Willie Mays running for President. That liar, Barrack Obama wouldn't stand a chance.

Expecting the CRIME FAMILY in power, feasting on bribes, will never stop taking bribes. They are never going to stop using tax loopholes to kickback for their bribes, they are never going to prosecute Wall Street crooks like Corzine (the crooks won't be sending their bribes from prison). Are you catching on?

SCREWED AGAIN exposes crooks with evidence. Are you going to start catching on?



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