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Forum Post: Questions of Governance

Posted 4 years ago on June 8, 2013, 1:50 a.m. EST by barbarosa (-5)
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  1. In your opinion, what is the best current governmental/economic system in practice? What country (or countries if tied)?

  2. In your opinion, what is the best theoretical system of governance/economy not yet tried in practice?

  3. In your opinion, what would be the best system of governance/economy for US at this time?

  4. If you were the President, what's the first thing you would change?

  5. Are you a revolutionary promoting abrupt change, or do you favor a slow and easy transition towards another system?



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[-] 3 points by windyacres (1197) 4 years ago
  1. Democracy/Socialism Currently Iceland.
  2. Democracy/Gift
  3. Democracy/Socialism
  4. The ability of the President to change anything
  5. Abrupt change
[-] 0 points by HCabret (-327) 4 years ago

4 - wouldnt that make you a dictator?

[-] 1 points by windyacres (1197) 4 years ago

I assumed everyone felt that the president could already change things. My idea would be for the president to not be able to change anything. barbarosa read it the same way you did below.

[-] 0 points by barbarosa (-5) 4 years ago

Wouldn't giving the president the ability to change anything provide him totalitarian power which would be antithetical to both your theoretical and practical systems of choice based on democracy? It would render him a dictator. If he could do anything, he could changes laws at will! That's scary!

Thanks for your responses. Interesting.

[-] 1 points by windyacres (1197) 4 years ago

I apologize for not being clear. I would change the Presidency so that the president could not change anything, the opposite of what you understood.

[-] 0 points by barbarosa (-5) 4 years ago

Ah! But then what would be his role? What entity would make decisions and changes?

[-] 1 points by windyacres (1197) 4 years ago

The president would be the leader of the free world. The entity would be the people themselves, together.

History has proven that some humans will act as if they are a pack of hyenas, killing and eating the weak. It is a very long history that fits with evolutionary theory of only the strong surviving. When humans agree that protecting the weak is most important, civilization will take a giant leap.

Today's technology can make that dream become reality. We must use it to protect the weak, not for money.

[-] 0 points by barbarosa (-5) 4 years ago

I'm not sure what you mean be leader in this case. A leader makes decisions by definition, he leads.

It seems you might be talking about anarchy, which wouldn't need a president. I got confused because you used the word democracy for both 1 and 3, but if you favor anarchy, this would not be the same type of democracy in Iceland (1).

Libertarian socialism perhaps?

[-] 1 points by windyacres (1197) 4 years ago

Until technology is used for protecting the weak, the leader would need to make some decisions without the people's immediate influence. All of these decisions should be recorded and transparent asap, because secrecy in government needs to be abolished asap.

I don't think anarchy or libertarian socialism or any other term describes the new system. Maybe the type of democracy in Iceland, on steroids.

[-] 0 points by barbarosa (-5) 4 years ago

Ah I see! I like the idea of a fully transparent government which is mostly led by the population, but still protects minorities from the tyranny of the majority. Good ideas. Thanks again for your contribution.

[-] 1 points by bensdad (8977) 4 years ago

Interesting questions.
The system that we have today CAN & DID work
democracy + capitalism + socialism

We have EXACTLY ONE problem that is the core of all of our problems.
We MUST sever this connection - see HJR29

I am in favor of seeking POSSIBLE solutions
not theories and philosophies
I think Obama promised a lot five years ago without realizing how crazy R obstructionism could be. He is not a dictator. For example, he cannot "close" Gitmo w/o money from congress.

If I was President, and it was legal, I would pull as many of our military back home and put them to work on infrastructure projects and teaching.

[-] 1 points by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB 4 years ago
  1. See other people's response, beats me.

  2. Departmental Governance with a heavy dose of Workplace Democracy, striving towards a resource-based "Venus Project" economy, away from money-based.

  3. See above.

  4. My panties. (no sexism intended, I'm a hardcore feminist)

  5. Medium-paced transition, though yesterday would have been ideal.

[-] 1 points by LeoYo (5909) 4 years ago
  1. Switzerland.

  2. Consensus-based Judicial rule with rotating judges and the people having the final examination of all decisions.

  3. http://occupywallst.org/forum/amendment-for-a-democratic-congress/

  4. I would eliminate the political immunity of previously excused U.S. officials and corporate executives of their war crimes and financial crimes and have all violated treaties and international laws upheld.

  5. I seek to present a means of undermining corporate influence both politically and economically http://occupywallst.org/forum/free-democracy-amendment/ and then just sit back and watch as Americans ignore what they could do while continuing to complain about their worsening condition.

[-] 0 points by Theeighthpieceuv8 (-32) from Seven Sisters, Wales 4 years ago
  1. The best government is that which most aligns with human desire; the best government is an evolutionary creation.

  2. Considering the geographic immensity and the vast diversity, the best government is that which our forefathers created, albeit with minor changes - a Nation of Law, structured as a Constitutional Republic.

  3. No man can long exist without the ability to secure necessary resources; this is capitalism albeit in primitive form. Therefore the best system is that which already exists, yet stripped of all corruption.

  4. The first thing I would change is the corrupt nature of this body of government; I would reinstate the moral imperative.

  5. I'm for voting out Barack Obama and all those who share similar thoughts and methods; is the desire for freedom and the end of corrupt governance revolutionary? Or has it been with us since the dawn?


[-] -1 points by HCabret (-327) 4 years ago
  1. New England Towns BY FAR.
  2. Common Law Republic/Direct Government
  3. Common Law Republic/Direct Government
  4. Id resign. if that isnt possible, then I sit on my ass and do literally nothing for the length of my term.
  5. Abrubt Change.
[-] 1 points by gameon (-51) 4 years ago

Re #4 except for golfing and fund raising , thats about what obama does.

[-] -1 points by HCabret (-327) 4 years ago

Nah, if he really did Noyhing all day, then Nothing would happen.

Really he should just resign and end the madness.

[-] 1 points by gameon (-51) 4 years ago

obama is not in charge. valerie jarrett is

[-] -1 points by HCabret (-327) 4 years ago

I'm not in charge. That is all that matters to me.