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Forum Post: Questions about Sleeping at Liberty Park

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 8, 2011, 5:24 p.m. EST by indepth2011 (0)
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Hi, my name is Lukasz and I am from Canada. I am planning to come join you guys but I have a few questions about logistics.

a) Do I have to bring my own tent or do you guys have available space for newcomers? b) I won't be able to make it to New York for another 3 weeks. Are you guys planning to stay indeffinetely? How perilous is the situation between your movement and the police? Are you guys living in fear of imminent eviction, or do you expect to be allowed to stay through the winter? c) At the border, should I try to hide the fact that I am entering the U.S. to protest? ( I have a suspicion that they will make trouble for me at the border to avoid your movement growing) d) How safe is the camp? I ask because I am a student (correspondence) and will need to bring my laptop and a few other valuable things so as to continue my school-work, and cannot afford to lose my stuff. e) If I do have to buy my own tent, do you guys atleast have a place in new york I can get one for cheap? (It would be inconvenient to bring a tent, since I am taking a greyhound to NYC)

Other than that I want to come make history with you guys. I have been waiting for this movement all of my life! The movement in my hometown is dying out and I want to be where the center of gravity is, and I want to look those wallstreet bankers right in the eye as I yell: "Whose street? Our street!"

Thank you.



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