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Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 26, 2011, 12:10 p.m. EST by CaraChristopher01 (2)
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I HAVE AN IDEA: If anyone can give me advice about how to disseminate this idea to a mass number of people, please let me know! I think that ALL participants protesting on Wall St. should wear full business attire. If you do not have business attire, white collar shirts and black slacks can be purchased very cheaply at salvation army. Or fellow protesters can help one another by sharing clothing.

1.) This will completely eliminate the conception of and ability for the news media to portray protesters as, "filthy hippies."

2.) This will send the message that business people working on Wall St. and working class, laid off, and poor Americans are equals.

3.) MOST importantly, some protesters carry signs, but many do not. If ALL protesters are wearing full business attire and business suits, the police will not be able to discern who is a protester and who is an actual business person trying to get to their job on Wall St. Especially if the protests start at 8:00am and continue through past 6:00pm.

If the police begin to harass or accost actual business people going to work because they cannot discern them from a protester, and is the ONLY way anyone who works on Walls St. is actually going to pay attention.



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[-] 1 points by beanyboy (13) 12 years ago

Makes sense. I like it. If we can get a significant number doing that, it could be quite effective (especially point 3, that would get a LOT of attention when the cops hit the wrong guy).