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Forum Post: Protesters Dismissed As Hippies!

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 15, 2011, 7:42 p.m. EST by arealpolitik (154)
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Opinion by John Liming

Today I read at least two articles by Right Wing talking head types that called the Wall Street Protesters “Hippies,” “Dirty Hippies,” “Druggies,” “Drunks” and “Communists.”

In case anyone is wondering, these are the kinds of names that people who claim to operate from the standpoint of “Christian” Family and Moral Values” (i.e., Right Wing Religious Extremists) use to describe the Middle Class and the unemployed and the poor.

To my way of thinking, that is a perfect example of the depths of Right Wing revulsion, disdain, disgust and utter hatred of anyone who has less than they do. To my way of thinking that must have been how The Pharisees looked upon the common laborer in their time.

Anyway, when I read the despicable comments by these even more despicable know-nothing nobodies this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder to myself, “I bet this is the very way that King George III of England, King Louis The Sixteenth of France and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia viewed “The Dirty, filthy, common rabble” that were demonstrating in the streets of their respective capitals way back when…”

This one botoxed-looking sprite with flat-ironed hair who just happens to work for a newspaper called the protesters, “A collective of union members, anti-war activists and young people with nothing better to do.”

You know what, folks? I think the descriptions that these Right Wing bobble heads are using for the Wall Street Protesters exactly fits the “Tea Party” demonstrators of a few months ago— remember them? Remember their hate signs and the way they threw rocks through widows and threatened armed insurrection and carried actual loaded guns?

I notice that there were no reports of any of those “Dirty, Filthy Scummy Rabble with nothing better to do” getting jostled or maced or arrested by police during their little broo-hahs. Isn’t that amazing?

I also note that so far, none of the Wall Street Protester types have lowered themselves to the point of behaving like undisciplined animals shouting racist epithets or threatening violence like some other groups that I have already alluded to.

The way some of these protesters are reportedly being handled by local authorities kind of makes one wonder if some of the Protectors and Defenders of The Social Order might be wholly-owned subsidiaries of Wall Street or something, doesn’t it?

Some of the Right Wing commentators responsible for this kind of overblown paranoia seem to have the mistaken notion that America is living under some kind of socialist state right now and that what they term as “The True Capitalists” are under some kind of unreasonable and unwarranted attack by the “Sewer Rats” (That is what one of them called the protesters) who have invaded Wall Street.

Some of these Right Wing “Journalistic Experts” are advising the Wall Street Protesters that they are dead wrong in “Demanding Something For Nothing” and that the protesters should not expect anything to be given to them without their earning it.

Well, I guess no one has told the “Journalistic Expert Right Winger Journalist types” that many if not most of The Wall Street Protesters did have great jobs at one time and they worked their tails off and spent their money and grew the American Economy and then someone on that hallowed Street of Unprecedented Greed decided to take it all away and send it over the sea somewhere while tightening the financial noose through harsh banking tactics on what little the Middle Class victims had left until the frustration grew so great that there was nothing left but to take to the streets in protest.

Long sentence, I know, but I believe the thought is worth it.

The argument by some on The Far Right Extreme that Wall Street Demonstrators are in it just for some kind of government hand out is cruel, judgemental, unfair and clueless.

I assume that those who read my blog do know that The Russian Revolution of 1917 started because there was a general widespread lack ability by the common Russian Citizen to obtain food for his family because of the greed and excesses of the very wealthy, right?

Also, at the time of that Revolution, there was widespread poverty and it was getting worse all the time. The elitist rich government had begun to oppress minorities and the poor, had begun to amass great hordes of capital in foreign banks rather than using it to help the masses and had begun to flaunt power and wealth in the faces of the ordinary citizens.

Does any of this sound familiar? Does any of this sound somewhat like some of the stuff that The arrogant Right Wing Extreme Elitists are doing in America right at this very minute? Even as I write? Even as the Wall Street protests are spreading to every city and hamlet in this great nation of ours?

“Hippies” indeed! Can you not imagine the mindless and the blind sitting securely in their gated communities thinking that their excesses and their immorality can never have consequences?

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[-] 1 points by arealpolitik (154) 6 years ago

Yes they are Patriots... We need MORE patriots and less politicians. Among those in that group are the new Thomas Jefferson's, Patrick Henry's and Martin Luther King's.

[-] 1 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 6 years ago

Personally, I don't even call the young people of OWS "protesters" anymore, I call them Patriots, because they are in effect the quintessential American heroes.

They all deserve the Medal of Bravery. In fact, I feel the non-violent OWS movement, which spread today to 1500 cities WORLDWIDE, should seriously be considered for the next NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.