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Forum Post: Protest with your Pocketbook, buy what you NEED, buy USED! buy USA

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 13, 2011, 7:12 p.m. EST by IdFightGandhi (38)
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A helpful movement would be to stop buying things we do not need and specifically ask where its made.

Every time a person goes into a Store and buys a new product a chain of events happens. Of note is the products are reordered through the supply chain, more demand is created for foreign made products.

Manufacturing has the highest multiplier effect out all industries. This is why many towns across the USA are rotting when factories leave.

Be sensible, buy what you need. Request to the merchants and manufactures that you won't buy if it's not made in the USA. If you must buy something foreign made buy it used - it won't create a new supply chain order and reuses, so less waste.

This holiday season so millions will take on debt, often crushing to fit some ideal of the American culture that you must buy things to show your love. These things are all made overseas, those shady companies and big corps pocket huge profits while everyone here suffers.



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[-] 2 points by Chromer (124) 12 years ago

I'm going to drive the two cars I have until the wheels fall off. No coke, pizza, movies, books, ice cream, candy, coffee, nothing unless it is absolutely essential.

[-] 2 points by stevemiller (1062) 12 years ago

Its slave made imports that needs to end under the 13th amendment that abolished slavery in 1865. It never said move the slaves to China so we can't see them working 16 hours everyday with no day off.

Follow the 13th amendment by preventing any slave made import to be loaded onto the pier.

Force all multinational companies to finance new American factories with American labor to supply their goods or they won't have any supplies to sell in our market.

Employment would boom. There would be 40,000,000 good jobs created to build and staff the factories.

Pouring trillions of $$ of fake money will destroy the dollar for every American including the 53% and the 1%. Remember who never saw the mortgage bubble. They always claim there's no problem.

They made huge profits and now their market is busted. We need a class war and we need to tax the money they ripped off everybody including the 53% idiots.

[-] 0 points by PierpontLuv (38) 12 years ago

ha....what pocketbook? Mommy's and Daddy's or the pocketbooks of the people who actually work hard and succeed?