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Forum Post: Protest The World Business Forum at 4 pm at Radio City Music Hall October 8,2014

Posted 4 years ago on Sept. 19, 2014, 7:54 a.m. EST by trashyharry (3082) from Waterville, NY
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This will be a protest directed at the CEO's of around 5000 corporations.Prominently featured will be scumbags,assholes and douchewads from:Monsanto;Verizon;Time Warner;General Electric;Goldman Sachs;Citicorp;BOA;Darden Restaurants;McDonalds;Duke Energy;General Motors;Microsoft- to name just a few.This protest is sponsored by Occupy Wall Street and a long list of other community and activist groups.You can find out more on Facebook under PeoplesPowerAssemblies.org



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