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Forum Post: Protest for the Freedom to Share - Fight the MPAA and the RIAA

Posted 8 years ago on July 20, 2012, 10:47 a.m. EST by helpontheway (0)
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The protest needs to be focused on big media. They are the ones responsible for suppressing awareness by the greater public. Companies like Disney, Sony, Universal, Apple, Warner, etc. are hoping that all of you plug in to their devices and become loyal zombie consumers. Their minions are not only the lobby groups but also every big-name actor, mogul and musician. Democrats and Republicans are equally responsible for supporting the lobby in Washington. Anytime you see the copyright logo anywhere you are in the presence of corporate greed. Can you see the copyright logo on this page? No. If you want a fight worth imprisonment look no further than the Pirate Bay. Read below and sign the petition. Watch the old YouTube video by Camp Chaos. Nothing has changed since 1999.

Sign for Peter! All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, duty, mercy. This also goes for things of darkness; single heavy words: slavery, injustice, corruption, cruelty.

Today we pause and occupy ourselves with some of these heavy words.

The first are injustice and corruption. The injustice of a legal system that protects the unlawful privileges of the few and wealthy, while unleashing its blind wrath at the many, the innocent and the poor. The corruption of a legal system that turns its blind eye to bullying from multinationals and their mercenaries towards ourselves and to national threats from the US government towards Sweden (WTO blacklisting). We know of MPAAs bullying, we know of the bought policemen (Jim Keyzer), we know of hired hacker attacks against us. And we know of the injustice and the corruption of the machinery that this year sentenced 3 friends of all of ours to jail for aiding in crimes with no criminals.

But we are no longer amazed by this. The state of these affairs is since long known to all of us. We are no longer in shock when we see the wickedness of multinational corporations, of politicians and of the so-called people of justice.

But we're still surprised to see them not ashamed. And from this naivety of ours comes hope. We still hope that shame is something they have not left behind them. We still hope that they have not disgraced themselves so many times that they have become immune to it.

And from this hope comes another of those heavy words, with which we today must occupy ourselves. Duty. Our duty. It is said that the duty of youth is to challenge corruption, but this goes for all of us. And this duty is a great one. It tries our loyalty to conscience and our energy and will. Today our duty is to reach out to help Peter "brokep" Sunde; a legend that has done so much for our freedom and who because of this has been unjustly convicted.

Together we can show the importance of Peter Sunde and The Pirate Bay to so many of us -- an importance that reaches beyond sharing of torrents. Together we can show the strength of the many to the few, the powerful, the rich and the corrupt. With 10.000 names on this petition we act with strength. With 50.000 we can have the Swedish government feel and act upon the shame that should be theirs.

Sign the petition! Fight for the free sharing of the arts, information, and software. Fight against corporate greed and the manipulation of political and legal systems for monetary gain and power.





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