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Forum Post: Prose for the disenchanted!

Posted 6 years ago on Sept. 25, 2011, 1:53 p.m. EST by cowboy007 (0)
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coveted illness ... workhorse for the demon pill, slave to deceits ego. ignorant inability to halt, fuels greedy mint green stained palms. dorsal finned minds create constant ad frame remedy. peering eyes view agony with $ glistening sharply from their tears! shelf appeal shuffle gives to the masses all their needy wants a temporary fill. shiny package reflects teasingly a flouresent bulbs glow, taunting the weary confused host of parasites dreamy warmth. coated paper comfo‘rt seeds the continuance of viral spread making pharma-tech monsters skip a happy tune! vicious toothed suits bark out demands at flapping striped cloth, poled behind judgements wallet. relieves aches, pains and sore throat! divide and conquer! use as directed! machined chemists products pump big bellied white smiles. hush the science ... brag the brand. if swelling occurs see a physician. sample only! ... not yet approved. cures outlawed for profit hiding behind a serpent-wrapped crusifix bannered industry! not yet found? consumers psycho-symatic reliance propells greed to a platform of trustworthy dung. pharma-techs soldiers now feel urgency to prescribe, urgency to control the hords of needy peasants crawling desperately to the lords of alchemy. lack of wisdoms-time shall unravel fate for snow pure waters turn back, turn black a guilty souls future. bones give evidence to a negligent past. buy here, buy there, just buy ours not theirs.

                    f   ‘00



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