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Forum Post: Proposal: A Freer More Secure Internet!

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 4, 2011, 10:23 a.m. EST by gabzgrl (7) from Bayonne, NJ
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There is a standard which people follow consciously or unconsciously to adapt to social situations: imitation. Organisms mimic and repeat each other to survive. We are imitating a structure that is not based on survival, the internet cannot survive in its current state for many reasons. The first is censorship, the second is ability for hackers to infiltrate information, and the third is the ability for governments to spy and sell your information to companies at will.

Is our social behavior becoming a label, a bind in which we are doomed to repeat? I will give an example of plugging yourself into networks and throwing aside whims of what it means to live in a largely programmed society. It was Dawkins who studied group behavior and created a structural model that proves consciousness itself is mirrored behavior--ads are on the net, and subliminal messages on music etc. We can call it a webolution, but what is really in store for the future of the internet? Many of us are tired of being taken advantage of. Communication is a certain talent and skill that requires more than input, but action as well. If no one does a thing about the future of our planet, pretty soon all the resources will be eaten up and we'll be a bunch of debris swimming in a pool of pollution. Don't believe me? Look around. The internet has opened up streams of thought and communication where we can express what we see and do something about it. But how far is too far?

When the power becomes a monopoly then it has gone too far, which it has. We need to fight for freedom of information, and stop passively allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of. We need to stop being dumb and look at the current situation, new technology without government and corporate interest is in need right now. We need a new internet, one without those who prune it all the time--looking for their next victim. We need a shark-free internet! With so many people plugging into each-other through media and communication over networks, what does it take to swim against the current stream?

With a wave of evolution going one way, how are we sure it's the right way to swim? Do we ride the tides, because this is a tsunami! To me, science can be seen as a form of propaganda, when knowledge is only a 0 or a 1. We can define something by a term, that doesn't prove it until we step outside the box and see it for ourselves.

It is becoming a norm to use the net, cellphone, etc. But who makes these machines? Did you know Steve Jobs ran an Apple factory in Asia where people were jumping out of windows because of the stress of meeting deadlines! Without stepping outside this factory paradigm and truly changing capitalism, we'll be consistently feeding the beast of Capitalism- which is in essence a competitive and selfish game leading to destruction and a soon obsolete mankind.

We are all one--but we need separation to survive, that's duality. What makes a group of humans different than a flock of birds or a herd of sheep? We're independent thinkers! We know duality. How are we losing grasp of the importance of this concept? Think for yourself, don't let the media or even some youtube channel influence you.

Please share input as to how to revolutionize communication. Experience is not limited to a box, think of it that way. We are not limited by the grand scheme, but the nearest goal is attainable if we can all connect in a way that can overcome power structures willing us to an end.



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[-] 1 points by necropaulis (491) 12 years ago

All animals think independantly. when you see a flock of birds, it's for navigation reason, or to confuse a predator. The problems of the internet are the mirror of the world. You will find thieves, racists, good; bad; and indifferent people. You don't want in on it, unplug. One thing that can't happen, though is the censorship. Not just here but in the countries where there are real problems. The only way to revolutionize comms is either figure out a new way to communicate that will rival existing tech, or deal with it.