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Forum Post: Proposal: An "Open Global Distributed Occupy Network"

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 4, 2011, 9:52 a.m. EST by webtweakers (1) from Amsterdam, NH
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This same proposal is also being discussed at OccupyEverything (http://occupytogether.com/forum/discussion/1764/proposal-an-open-global-distributed-occupy-network) and at OccupyTheNetherlands (http://occupythenetherlands.nl/forum/index.php/topic,681.0.html)

Proposal: An Open Global Distributed Occupy Network

Reasoning: One of the main goals of the Occupy movement is to extend awareness of critical issues and provide information to the general public. The occupy encampments have send out the message that we are unsatisfied and want things to change. Many people have come to realize that the problems we face are global in nature and affect everyone the same and can only be solved if people unite and focus on common goals. I think we should unite our information and communication as well.

Currently news is decentralized in several different platform solutions (social networks, forums, blogs, etc.), which become hard to find or follow for the general public. The wheel is reinvented, information is scattered and communication is lost.

Goal: In the hope to find a solution to these and other issues, I propose a two-stage plan:

  1. Setup an open source project that implements a system (website) that functions as communication platform with distributed content.

  2. Connect the systems, share the content and create a global network where all information about the Occupy movement is available.

Some Details: The system should provide at least the following content items: discussions/comments/forum, messages, events/calendar, blogs, tasks, projects, wikis, news, files/media, manifesto. All content should be marked with a location, language and tags to allow for (site-wide) filtering on these properties. People should be able to share and vote on content, so it can be distributed and the system can become self organized and self-moderated.

A backend process will manage distribution of the content (in near real-time) into the network.

Local Occupy initiatives can simply install the open source software and become part of the network. They can provide the services to the local community and/or publish (specialized) content. Every new installment will strengthen the global network.

To make the network findable to the public, it would be great if the "occupy" domain name could be used in all countries: occupy.nl, occupy.gr, occupy.it, occupy.us, etc… Most of these seem to be available or already in use by occupy sites.

All this is based on internet technologies already in existence.

All this will hopefully help in presenting a common face and message (and url!) to the world and establish a world-wide, open, independent and secure media, information and communication platform.

I have some ideas on user management, content distribution, data modeling, architecture and more and would welcome any kind of input: positive, negative, additions, deletions, contributions, anything, let me know!



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[-] 2 points by TheRealCitizensUnited (33) 12 years ago

I have commented on this same weakness in communication. I absolutely agree with you and think that it is actually integral to the movement!!! Just yesterday I was trying to relate numerous websites to a person to inform them more about the movement. It would be much easier to spread the word from one website to direct people to!!

[-] 1 points by webtweakers (1) from Amsterdam, NH 12 years ago

Yes, this network would allow people from all over the world to find each other on "common ground", compared to being scattered around, semi-isolated and only loosely connected. I think it might help bring all the people of the Occupy movements together, which has tremendous potential.