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Forum Post: Property Preservation Companies Do Banks' Dirty Work

Posted 10 years ago on Nov. 7, 2011, 5:55 p.m. EST by Spankysmojo (849)
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Are you aware that property preservation companies harass and spy on home owners that are late on their mortgage payments? The sad part of it is that those home owners that are in bankruptcy cannot be bothered, by law. Bankruptcy is actually 'bankruptcy protection' so the preservation companies are sending their inspectors to spy on these people. That means that they drive by and take pictures of the houses in order to confirm or deny if the house has been deserted. They are not permitted to confront the home owner and if they are spotted they are encouraged to lie about their presence their. The inspectors are not permitted on the home owner's property, not even an inch on the driveway. They have methods of determining vacancy based on height of the grass etc... Dirty dealings. People with delinquencies are given door hangers with telephone numbers on them and instructed to call the bank that holds their mortgage. We've found recently, through short sales that fall apart, that often these banks don't even own the property any more. They can't even keep track of who bought the mortgage in one of their bundled bungles. If you receive one of these door hangers and call the number you probably won't get through and if you do they won't know why you called. It's a disaster, putting it mildly. These poor people try to get modifications and are ripped off by the mortgage modification companies. There is really no end to the despair and pain caused by these banks. It amazes me that the people who work there can't see that they themselves could be in that predicament and have no compassion whatsoever. If they harass you, sue them. If they are even within your view and you are in bankruptcy protection, sue the crap out of them. They should be ashamed. Shame on you, shame, shame, shame. You will be judged by your children when they grow up and read the textbooks.



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