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Forum Post: Privately Owned Public Parks

Posted 6 years ago on Sept. 29, 2011, 9:55 p.m. EST by raidansoma (1)
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Two Questions:

How can the irony of protesting on a privately owned public park aka “Liberty Square” be used to express the corporate muscle OWS is struggling against?

What legal recourse do citizens have against demands made by Brookfield Properties in their disallowance of tents, bedding, tarps etc?

Key words: incentive zoning, “legal gray area”, privatization, floor-to-area ratio (FAR), crowd control,


Corporate Landlord Losing Patience With Occupy Wall Street Protest http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2011/09/corporate_landlord_losing_pati.html

The Fight Continues to Make Privately Owned Public Spaces…Public http://www.pps.org/blog/the-fight-continues-to-make-privately-owned-public-spaces-public/

NYC.GOV Privately Owned Public Space http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/html/priv/priv.shtml

Improving On The Ambiguity of Privately Owned Public Spaces http://www.planetizen.com/node/37361



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[-] 1 points by npowell85 (249) from Montana City, Mt 6 years ago

let them drive you onto the sidewalks and see if the city would prefer that... if will only make your number look larger

[-] 1 points by raidansoma (1) 6 years ago

I like your optimism. Thanks.

[-] 1 points by patriot4change (818) 6 years ago

NYC has the highest percentage of attorneys/lawyers than any other city in the world. If this thing turns into a legal battle, don't expect to win that fight. I'd be looking for a "public" area to stage the masses. Maybe even get a Permit? But, I've lived in NYC... and it's a difficult town to pick a fight with.