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Forum Post: Prevent more breaks for the wealthy, corporations. Take a look see.

Posted 6 years ago on March 20, 2012, 3:48 p.m. EST by DKAtoday (33474) from Coon Rapids, MN
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Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee: ( petition )



Reject the radical Paul Ryan Budget. Sign the petition. BREAKING – House Republicans are at it again – trying to pass a radical Paul Ryan budget plan that will give billionaires and corporations enormous tax breaks while destroying Medicare as we know it. This budget is wrong for America, and it would obliterate all of the progress President Obama has made in getting our economy back on track.

Senate Democrats are standing against this plan, but they need your help. Will you add your name to our petition and help them reject this extreme budget plan? Democrats need to know right now that they’ve got 50,000 grassroots activists supporting them.

Click here to add your name and stand against the Paul Ryan budget!

Coddling billionaires and punishing the middle class is the wrong budget approach. Please sign our petition, support Senate Democrats, and dump the Paul Ryan plan.

Guy Cecil Executive Director, DSCC Paid for by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, dscc.org, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Paul Ryan’s budget in summary :


Excerpt from summary:

5) Taxes

a) Tax reform: “Reform the tax code by consolidating the current six brackets and cutting the top individual rate from 35 percent to 25 percent.”

b) Tax revenue: Prevents the Bush tax cuts from expiring in 2013. So the revenue-neutral tax reform locks in today’s rates, which is to say it makes the Bush cuts permanent.

c) Corporate taxes: Lowers corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent. “This budget would offset lower rates with a broader base, scaling back or eliminating entirely the deductions.”



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[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33474) from Coon Rapids, MN 6 years ago

UPDATE - 3/21/2012 Republican plan to end Medicare

petition : http://www.dccc.org/page/m/1d63cf27/1b4d698b/312346d8/4e0ce5d6/3271522137/VEsH/

Dan --

They're back at it again. Today, GOP Budget Chairman Paul Ryan launched his campaign to re-brand the Republican plan to end Medicare.

Don't fall for it -- and don't let your friends and family fall for Ryan's smoke-and-mirrors either. Get the facts:

Paul Ryan's new Republican budget will still replace the Medicare guarantee with vouchers for seniors. When your voucher runs out, it runs out. Seniors are left on the hook to pay any additional health care costs. (1)

While seniors pay more (2), the Republicans' budget protects tax breaks for millionaires, billionaires, and Big Oil companies. (3)

Forward this e-mail to 3 friends right now so they have the facts.

Then, join the fight at our Medicare Madness 2012 Action Center: Help us reach 100,000 strong demanding that Republicans stop putting Millionaires before Medicare >>

You can also share your Medicare story, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, and share the facts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Budgets are about priorities, and the Republicans’ priority is that millionaires come first and seniors’ Medicare comes last.

The American people rejected Republicans’ extreme scheme last year. With your help, they will do it again.


Thanks for standing strong.


Rep. Steve Israel DCCC Chairman

(1) LA Times: “[Republicans’ plan] would still give future seniors a fixed amount, but it would allow them to use the money to stay in the traditional Medicare program. They would have to pay out of pocket if the costs of the program were higher than the government subsidy -- or buy an alternative plan.” http://www.dccc.org/page/m/1d63cf27/1b4d698b/312346d8/4e0ce5de/3271522137/VEsP/

(2) Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: “[Republicans’ plan] would shift substantial costs to beneficiaries rather than protect them from such cost increases, could lead to the demise of traditional Medicare over time rather than preserve it and likely would produce few savings.” http://www.dccc.org/page/m/1d63cf27/1b4d698b/312346d8/4e0ce5c2/3271522137/VEsHBQ/

(3) LA Times: "Now Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman, is returning to center stage as the GOP doubles down on his conservative budget priorities -- including tax cuts for the wealthy and a new version of his plan for major changes in Medicare." http://www.dccc.org/page/m/1d63cf27/1b4d698b/312346d8/4e0ce5de/3271522137/VEsHBA/

Paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee | 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 (202) 863-1500 | www.dccc.org | Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

I signed, I also twittered and Facebooked the petition.

Spread the word direct action.

The Peoples right in the legal process that is given us.

[-] 1 points by RayLansing (99) 6 years ago

Full support incoming. Down with these vampiric con artists.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33474) from Coon Rapids, MN 6 years ago

Thank you for your support.

The message is spreading.

We move forward.